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Just that one moment, when I lost what held us together,

I regret more than anything; that I trusted her.

He did not deserve, my sword of betrayal,

I cannot go back and stay still the same loyal,


The poison has spilled now, won't stop its flow

Through our veins, our hearts, our existence of sorrow

We all just meant to play nice, care one way or other


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In Memoriam KS

If I had to sum up my father
I would choose this single word: "Care".
No nails undriven, shoelaces untied were ever left,
There was always good food and a table set.

He used to struggle with words himself, 
But his actions sent the message instead:
“As long as you see me around
You have nothing to worry about. 

His soul was hidden like a cool stream,
Seeking its path under forest’s gr...

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KS (Emlékére)

Ha apámról csak egy szót mondhatok,
Ezt választom: "gondoskodott".
Szög beveretlen, cipõ befûzetlen nem maradt,
S a szánkba mindig jutott jó falat. 
Hadilábon állt a szóval õ maga, 
Tetteivel üzent inkább: "
Aggodalomra nincs oka
Senkinek, amig engem lát".
A lelke sokunk elõl, mint búvópatak, 
Mely erdõket táplál, rejtve maradt.
De otthonunk melegség járta á...

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The summer just went past by us,
One of the brighter ones, 
But you and I
Didn't enjoy the sunshine.

Clouded over with worry and angst,
We missed our best first months.
Still, against all odds
We carried on, love not lost.

Now it's raining all the time
The cold, dark and early nights
Set in, when
The shadows all still here to threaten.

"We have to survive only a little ...

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It's a strange and dark night,

The rain is gushing against the windowpane,
Then in the still cats fight,
Foxes wail, wind howls - I am pale with worry about you.

The sounds, the blackness and stubborn miles between us
My mind's delicate fingertips try to find you,
feeling around in that house where you might be sleeping or your thoughts still reeling with the madness of frustration.


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The afternoon is pretty: light comes and goes,
The air is cool, noisy wind blows,
But the sun gently warms the face;
Respite between storms, when trees embrace.

Look, how the clouds chase
Sharp shadows on the ground,
Like children,  we chase after soap bubbles -
Our dreams are never to be found?

We wish dreamiest dreams as our goodnight,
But they really exist in the daylight of the fu...

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To a Milestone

(31/7/2014 - Essay resubmits deadline)

You and I
Together a cry
For love

You're angry
And I am hurt
Both broken

Leafless trees that
Reach up to sky
Hold closer

Roots go deep
Still standing alive
We are

Holding two hands
No-one else
Slow heartbeat

You have lost trust
I despair
God mends it

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Crap Without Wrap (Rap)


Hey, there
Aren't any rhymes for you tonight, it is a 
Case of the body and mind collapse, so,

All I'm gonna do is just take a long bath, 
Bubbles ease my troubles and the muscles relax, then
Fry some eggs and heat a tin of
Baked beans on the hob, forget the
Culinary feats, it's a night to be a slob, and when I'm
Fed and clean I'll dive into my single bed, since as a 
Couple we are somewha...

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Feather lightness
Butter softness
Lips touch, tongues melt

Brush of hot breeze
Heartbeats stop, freeze,
Hands trace, pores sense,
Bold fingers squeeze.

Greedy darkness
Swallows hardness
Limbs clutch, flesh burns
Ride in madness

Quickening breath
Perfume of sweat
Nerves spill, life shoots
Life with death met.


(There was a debate about the last lin...

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Perceptions (aka bored at a Health and Safety training)

How peculiar that I should
Feel your absence
As the presence
Of a strange, hollow,
Squeezing pain that's draining my blood.

How you've become from a stranger
The breath I take,
This honeyed ache
That never leaves me, 
Waking or dreaming, does linger.

How this warmth floods me in wild race
As I evoke
Your gentle stroke,
Kisses we exchange,
The times when we finally embrace.



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