Just that one moment, when I lost what held us together,

I regret more than anything; that I trusted her.

He did not deserve, my sword of betrayal,

I cannot go back and stay still the same loyal,


The poison has spilled now, won't stop its flow

Through our veins, our hearts, our existence of sorrow

We all just meant to play nice, care one way or other

Why should we hate now, why should we bother?


How the past hurts embrace the present ones,

Intertwine and suffocate us all at once

We hope in help and help in that hope

That we overcome it with love, be big and cope.


The humiliation, withdrawal of poisoned knife,

Our laboured breathing, our struggle to survive,

The resignation met with determination

To honour truth and strive for reconciliation,


After we had submerged to depths so revealing,

Will drive us to surface, to glimpse the day of healing,

Our eyes will meet and our hands will hold,

An invisible halo of holiness to unfold.





◄ In Memoriam KS


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