Waiting for Nancy (XIV)

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Dancing around half empty coke bottles
Chiselled in shadows
Our 14th meet up
By now spinning into Mid November
Was laced in a glow of happiness
Of reconnecting with old friends
And awakening new love
(with your encouragement of course)
covered in a glow of happiness,

bubbling in my emotions
fashioned in marble
cutting a swathe with excitement
from her home in Bacup
throughout all of my journey
outsourced from the usual
diamond cut tension
across St Peters Square,

sliding into a wordless
imperceptible silence
of happiness
even thou you were
incredibly late
by even your standards
which both my brother
and his friend both commented upon
more than once
in amazement,
across the noise
of an overcrowded witherspoons
‘she did what to you before’
almost hanging the frustration
of waiting
which set a prelude
to the misery
of waiting
what came next in bliss

threaded in tissue. 



(14th in a series of poems now heading to the end of Series 1 slowly but surely)

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Preeti Sinha

Sat 17th Jan 2015 11:54

Diamond cut tension. Exquisite.

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