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Remember to buy yourself flowers

Remember to buy yourself flowers

And to smile at the things you don’t know

It’s only children that own super powers

And we gain ours helping them grow

Know that love is a blade that can cut you

But it’s hate that will poison your blood

And with time all your truths will come untrue

There are things you don’t know, but you could

And the voice in your head that keeps talki...

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Also by Ged Thompson:

The Traveller |




The bridge is destroyed

with fallen masonary in the river beneath

The occasional missle or drone shoots past the window

of my multi storied apartment

Where I lay on an unmade bead with soiled sheets

slowly sipping a glass of the finest malt whiskey

It is the last bottle from my hidden store room

where a few other tranquilizing agents are to be found

I am...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Wisdom is Born | The Bonds of Love | Life's Mysteries and Fears | Not yet Dead but Buried | All things are..... |

A state of mind: body's on the line

In every mouthful of food
in every look of love,
in every chiding, every making up:
this sometimes bay of tranquillity,
a harbour to which I return.
from all the storms and squalls of life

This goddess, now,  sails away 
as we traverse the wild seas of experience.
Tibetan Buddhism, Dharmakaya,
the ultimate nature of the fully enlightened mind,

A union of pure appe...

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Also by John E Marks:

Inquest | Cool hand Luke | As blue as robins’ eggs | Wild butterfly | Swan | Love will tear us apart, again | Sacred | Serendipity | Perforce | Hiraeth | Angelus Bell | If Revisited | funeral plans | Bait | The speech of angels | Ynys Môn | THC | And so it is | The golden bowl | A persistent geography | Purest heart speaks wisest wisdom | Drift & Swell | Triptych |

Flashbacks Of The Scene

It was not the midnight drill,

Nor any dream necked in blue.

People may cover their own defense,

When night becomes true.


Not all the vulgar words are obscene,

Nor any love indecent in color.

People may rewrite the history,

When time becomes bipolar.


Words can draw us fool,

Or make us wise, in mind.

But only for the flashbacks

We remain prophets, not bl...

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Also by NilavroNill Shoovro:

Dreams Die Fast | Down Memory Lane | Back To The Essentials | The Deceiver | The Deep Secret | Waiting For The Last Ritual | When We Dance Together |

On The Way To The Mall

Anyone walking far enough in a straight line
is thought a genius, or leader to follow,
or a wonder, or a danger to society.
A mystery beyond understanding
or miracle or danger to society.
So if you make it past the graveyard
with you walking stick,
past the field with horses
wondering what it's all about,
over the zebra crossing with your inhaler
past revving drivers who own the road,

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Pearl Of Wisdom | Some Time Ago | Everyone's A Winner | How To Regard A Tycoon | Accidental Accents | You, The Fiddler | Retelling | Growing Up As A Rising Moon... |


Am running out of patients

Running out of time 

Theses old feet are tried

My mind cloudy

I think am still in a dream

Is it all a dream 

If so I need to wake up 

Need to get up 

Am running out pages to write this old sorty

Regret is a feeling worth avoiding

I feel battered

For defeat is around the corner

I feel the soil creeped up around my earthly body 

Am ru...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

Back home to you | Back home to you | A latter to the passed | I dunno | A light | Your rebuild | Where to | Coping not | Lost | Strated | Strated | A letter to me |


In search of yew in Borrowdale

that shared the sun with Judas,

I walk a rutted path,

aware of twinges, snares, rocks,

carrying your paints and easel

along with this bowl of words,

no longer fit for consumption,

mold festering in knots

from sour touching fruit within.

And if these words were berries,

gardeners would stand disappointed

at the canker in the bark...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

On The Road To Samaria | Clearance | Masterclass |

Back In Knotty Ash (I'd Rather Be)

From your loaf, get 2 slices of bread.
Put on some butter...evenly spread!
Put away the cheese, bacon or ham.
For this butty, you only require Jam!
When I was a Diddy Knotty Ash lad.
They were the best butties I ever had.
Strawberry Jam, Raspberry or Plum.
They all tasted lovely, made by Mum!
Eating one now, I've gone back in time.
To when I lived by a Jam Butty Mine!
I'm older now, trav...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Chains | Cowards Are We | The Jester | The 'Gift' | Let Summer Be Nigh |

The Finer Things

Wars are the usual bag of tricks:

Fought by the same class of suckers,

Straight out of factory or school,

Uncomplaining and scared to death.

Heads crammed with patriotic guff,

They squirm in trenches at the front

And finish dead or short of limbs.

Those who survive, when they return

To a country fit for heroes,

Are told, in no uncertain terms,

To shut up and to know t...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Sending Tanks | Letter from Ukraine | Tchaikovsky | Friendship | Prayer for Ukraine | Zero Sum | Hirohito | La France Profonde | Last Man Standing | Muttering | Parachutes |


I like...

I like the gray in the sky when I’m in the yard, so quiet and calm as an empty shrine, there´s my mind on standby.

I like the rain on winter days, make me stay in bed, soft and warm as your palm that I grab when you walk the aisle.

I like the haze on cold days that cover the hope in my face, sad and tired on the holy ground, with a scarlet sky.

I like to cross smiles and hi’s in the sunri...

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Also by Dilsonn A. Mejía:

Dark age |

Soft Words

When the waters get choppy

& a storm is brooding,

black clouds in the sky

& on faces,

often it is best 

to crawl into the nest

of silence.

When angry words are born of trauma

too deep to be understood,

often it is best

to don the cloak

of silence.

Silence gives space

for minds to open,

silence gives air

to clear the cobwebs.

Deeper & deeper into sile...

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Also by Hélène:

Up and Away | Family History (in 2 parts) | Waiting for Heaven | Midnight | Tiny Drops | Illumination, Everywhere | Voyage of the Soul (in 2 parts) | Life as Play | A Quiet Visitor While Sitting in the Patio | Love | The Wings of Your Soul | Deep Silence | Dawning | Wisdom | Remedy | Circle | Pep Talk | "Change, Change, Change" | Another Day in Paradise | A Beam of Light | A Quilt of Many Colors | To Life! | Good Vibrations | All Day Long (2 parts) | Everything | Whole Again | Just For You | The Homemaker |

The Decorator

When this fellow is upset

he gets all emulsional

Instead of telling the truth he

Always glosses things over


In Preparation

For a good night out, he starts

Stripping off his work clothes

Brushes his hair

Then climbs into his flashy new Roller


He’s gagging for a drink

His throat feels like sandpaper

Before long, he’s steaming drunk

Then, uses a cheesy li...

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Also by Rick Varden:

Confessions | The Theatre of Our Minds | No Rest for the Wicked (Insomnia 2) | Lady Penelope | Haiku Football | Alexa and Siri (a digital love story❤️) |



Nineties football. Chelsea game

Me and Dad. Loved it same

Both loved tackle. Different name

Beckham’s tackle. Felt no shame

'Dad I’m gay'. Out it came

Tried to hide. Tried to tame

Downplay gay. Felt to blame

All Dad say was 'Cut it out'


People pleaser. My mate Dan

Diamond geezer with a tan

Hid his thoughts about what I am

Hid he’s bi from his old man


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Also by Lee Campbell:

Dan of Dartford |




Break with vowels the locks from iron mill gates,

Unblock the doors long shut.

And cut with words the tape in gold and black,

wake the hive Bring the bees back,

display your lines to keep the thoughts alive

In bars and bistros, parks, cafés, in rhymes…

May we meet, greet and fling wide

Our doors as on the silenced street

We stop outside, shoot the breeze, the...

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Willy's at the Foodbank

Willy’s at the foodbank
Polishing the brand
Stepping from the Range Rover
With nothing in his hand
Kate is in a pink coat
Willy’s jumper’s green
They’ve brought a photographer
They’re here to be seen

Willy’s at the foodbank
Chatting to the staff
Kate is sorting out the tins
They’re both having a laugh
Like this is all so normal
This whip round for the poor
With his green-jumpered p...

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Lacey Dog


Our beautiful Romanian rescue

travels life in a new direction.

Her shiny damp nose nestles deep

Pursuing our love and affection


Previously on the streets of Bucharest

possessing sharp wits to survive

Food so scarce for those on the streets

She must stay sharp, to stay alive.


Unborn puppies wouldn't be easy to carry

She must find food, somewhere safe to lie


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Also by JD Russell:

At the local butchers aged 10 & 3/4 | We moved house but left the tree behind | Swiss Roll Family Robinson | The Spare | Greatest Gift | The Siberian Tiger |




A thousand times regret.

Choices made,
that cannot be unmade.

Stupid things,
done again and again.

laid for a useless life.

Coming to an end for some time.

At least death will be done right.

Kind of hard to screw that up.


(Photo taken by poet. It's the Pennsylvania hills behind Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob House.)

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Also by Chris Bunton:

We Don't Trust Them | Smitten (A Sonnet) | Consumed |


The City

Like a dream is looms

So beautiful

A light on a dark path I must walk

While people mock

A path hard and scary

With pain and turns

The walk to the city is not pretty

And some experances tramatizing 

But I keep going

It seems to never end

And I'm afraid I'll never make it there

Never make it to the safe, resting, City at the end

The light in the distance seems so ...

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Also by Dolly:

Ocean | More | Smile | How scary would it be | Anxiety |

Don't Gi' Mi Dad a Mid-week Sub


Don’t gi’ mi Dad a mid-week sub

He’ll piss it against a wall

Hang on… t’ya dosh till the job is done

Then you can gi’ ‘im it all


Don’t gi’ mi Dad a mid-week sub

NO…. wait till the job is over

If he’s brass in ‘is pocket…. ‘e wain’t come back

Leastways…. He wain’t come back sober


He’s fast-and-rough..... wi’out a drink

But He loses his speed…. after beers


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retail therapy

I stopped seeing my therapist

she moved on to start her own practice 

So I've started going out more 

eating less 

using useless utilities until I give out

my hands reaching for my purse

my fingers finding the chip



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retail therapylovelossgrief

Pain is a friend

After being lost for so long the pain began to feel like a friend 

It felt good to acknowledge something even if it hurt

After all

There was nothing else to hold on to. 

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

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Shoulders sore, propped up over an internally burning stomach

Raw eyes anchored to keys,

Each digital page was a blanketed field surrounded by summits.


It’s no crowned jewel, although sometimes peppered by obsidian flakes,

Numbers indicating trailheads with the promise of mountains and lakes.


Following the spine upwards, eyeing the words down

Pages were the ...

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Also by Caleb Gorey:

The Move |

fire flesh love passion obsessionlove poemeyes paranoid paranoia alienpoet poetry poem hooksFriendship and Alcoholdiscoveranthropic theorynatureincredibleindiapoempoetry


Lost in the fire

That warms the soul

That cooks the bread

Calling all that see it to gather round

To gaze into its heart as if the answer will be there. 

Somehow written in the embers 

Idly stirred with poker or stick

Dancing fire birds sent to the sky

Crazily reaching for the stars to become one, but burning out fall back to hearth of birth 


Lost in the fire, thoug...

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Also by Edbreathe:

Dylan (aka Bob ) RIP |

Winter Vista

Some of the most beautiful colours
perhaps, I have ever seen 
Reflections in our local pond
creates this amazing scene 

The birds look so fabulous 
against this winter vista delight 
A fleeting moment in time 
too quickly disappears out of sight  

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Also by julie callaghan:

All Is Silent | Spectacular Show | Elegant Grace | Perfect Yorkshire Days | What A Belter | Winter Spirit | Darkness Doesn’t Last Forever | Small Victory | Wintry Morning |


Mostly to do with upsetting people that matter to me – Our Gert and the kids.  But they all predicate on two principles – things I’ve said or done which I shouldn’t have and things I haven’t said or done with I should have.  But it might be a measure of my superficiality that my mind keeps returning to a school rugby match over 50 years ago.

I was playing as an open side flanker.  They had a li...

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Also by John Coopey:



Fortune fails what love forgets

An entanglement of horror

Forgotten fools, defile the soul

Left foraging for sorrow

Permissive lives, destroyed by God

Perturbed, entrenched with puss

Presumed and cloaked in putrid lies

Distends a repulsive trust


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Something else

try if you dare 

where no one treads 

that singular path 

deep into nowhere 


that something else 

eludes you still 

keeps you restless 

for good or ill


until your last breath

you’ll be doing it to death  

as you still haven’t felt

that something else 


nobody holds it 

no one owns 

tempted by it 

driven by madness 


carved from rawn...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Selfcare | The Humanities |

Love Story (FedEx Edition)

Walking in our front door,

A multi-colored package in my hand

promising something has arrived for someone


“Is that a present for me?”, her playful query

“No, it’s just my meds from the good doctor.”

“Still seems like a gift for me.”, her reply


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Also by Mike McPeek:

Arachnid 911 | Love Story | Accommodations | Blackest Crow | Motorhome | Second Date | Tournament Top |

Return To Me

Cold and dark

here I lay

waiting for you at bay.

The orange pearl is sinking into the seas.

Thousands of sand grains surround me,

yet I still feel so lonely.

I have given my heart to you

and now it’s sinking slowly in the seas.

I will wait for eternity

may the seas direct you back to me.

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Also by Yasoda:

Ashes |


Ask Me

Ask me where I come from

And I'll tell you about white cotton fields

And honeysuckle vines that cling

To rotting wood fences


Ask me where I am

And I'll describe a lonely, sunken house

Resurrected by a lonely, hurting family

With nothing left but eachother


Ask me where I'll go

And I'll say somewhere, anywhere

But here in this empty town

Where memories make...

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Also by purplemoon:

Storm | The World Sings to Me | Drifting | Late Night Memories | In My Corner |


The feast of colour should be an etching of nature's joy

not of horror rendered forever into minds. 


The nazis were thorough

versatile in their methods

for such is the pornography of cruelty

satisfaction in putting to death the innocents

pleasure at a job well done. 


Arbitrary hanging was one such habit

the ending of precious lives

by choking on a rope in full ...

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Also by ray pool:


The future is bright

In a while the wicked will be no more ,

And into our lives goodness will pour.

With the calamities of the past we will cope,

Pushing them to the side building up hope.


He who looks after us from above,

Will shower us with unlimited love.

A bright future is there to share,

Drawing us close to Him up there.

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Also by hugh:

A highly rated family dentist | Rishi Sunak “A fine poem” | A mist opportunity | Plan carefully how to manage your money ! | An early wake up call !! | "R.I.P. young lady, we love you so much." | Unemployed !! | A visit to the psychiatrist !!! | A simple answer | It's raining,it's pouring ,your driving me mad !!! | Larry the cat welcomes Rishi to No10. | A job for a yob !!! | He got 12 months !!! |

The Seclusionists Paradise

The Seclusionists Paradise


     He had a thought,

   he thinks, thinks it will be fine one day,

he is ‘now’ before the sink, filling a kettle

     to boil his fifth cup of tea.


     The thought was of course;- genuine,

and in control, the journey never travelled

fractal enclosures of reliability and he did think

he was enjoying his inquiry.


     Smiling wh...

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Also by ZTK Space:

Update | where did 'You' go? | Sides | What is this Curse Called Talent? |

Keep to the Right Path

Whenever you start to fret or worry,
If you feel impatient or in a hurry.
And you realise that you may be stuck
Walking your path of dreadful luck.

You feel despondent and dejected,
And by the whole world quite rejected.
Then you may ponder and you may think,
How much lower can my despair sink.

But can you just step off this road?
Can you set your mind to a cheerful mode?
Your view o...

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Stuart VannerHopeDespair

The Last Place

bleeding lamb-like the split throat splaying

on temple steps for Set's quiet-dark smirks

among scam-based chakra shenanigans

the iron-scented mist of blood 

atonement propelled through bone-white air a mass of military-grade psychic driving

travelling by darkness fear-first 


deep in prayers of accidental blasphemies regrets melting salty on a quickly-creasing face threats 


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Also by Kealan Coady:

Third Witness |


Though unready for such leaps,

Forced to confront

All the crimson of the epoch,

And a lexicon that lives

Closer to comfort, yet

Further from the truth,

As we stand faithless

Before the fulcrum

That could let flourish

The coveted equilibrium, 

An un-becoming of the ego,

A veto to the vertigo

Caused by a nexus

Of the nefarious, angling

For the negation


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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Butterfly... | Chrysalis... | Alchemy... |

Another Day, Another Rhyme

I woke up this morning at quarter to nine
And made myself breakfast of waffles and wine,
This unhealthy mixture went straight to my head
So after six helpings I went back to bed.

I woke up again at a quarter to three
And after my lunch it was time for my tea
And after my tea I was feeling so ill
I spent the night crying and writing a will. 

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Also by branwell kent:

First Date 1986 |

Annabel Lee(inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem(

Since forever

It was my dream

To have a family 

With Annabel Lee


There was no ocean

As deep as my devotion

To Annabel Lee


But Annabel Lee

Goes on sadness sprees

She tears herself apart

And brings her sorrow to me


I wanted to be loved by Annabel Lee

But Annabel Lee only loves misery

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Also by Selma Garagic:

My old bottle of perfume |

missed opprotunity for romance


to pass you by is to long

for you close, lips sweet despite her

claim’s acrid taste. you wave.

your wandering hand runs up my thigh like

vines cling to ancient stone structures.

we make a sick picture, half-past-drunk

on years of tension, crushed

between mouths and confession in the dark.

you look at me as though

i might not run laps around the room

in hopes of catchi...

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Holy Hell In An Airport Hotel

These paths we walk
grounded by responsibility
well-worn routine
practiced intimacy
I could only smile
when you whispered in my ear
‘Take me away from this
take me anywhere but here’

Living in the moment
it’s all we know to do
as you pepper my shoulder with kisses
my fingers explore every inch of you
You said ‘the world is a minibar
cold and empty
but now we’re blessed by this heat

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Also by Tom:

Lazing By The Well | River's End | Second Favourite Feeling | The Old Machinery | Petrol Green Eyes |


Divine inspiration

You had the dream-maker tell you riddles

You gave the way forward through your prophetic heart

We felt our way through what they call intuition

It is really the soul when it speaks

My magic is unceremonial, my turn is my own wand

When I walk I have wattage and the daoine sìth gather

My sea hymns are of certain instinct and make a good flood

Such as they seek of the river Boyne...

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I am damned to live a different life

I am damned to live a different life,
Sweat beading in the pores,
Dead maggots in my eyes.

I am damned to live a different life,
Not feeling or real,
Held hostage within me.

I am damned to live a different life,
Alone inside the shadow,
Unable to break free.

I am damned to live a different life,

Its not up to me.


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Remember When......

What is love 

But snow falling softly in the crisp moonlit night 

With layers of passion melting slowly into the next 

To the rains and floods that churn our hearts into uncertainty

Only to see that the heavens still pull new life from the earth in a symphony of glorious beauty

To then the fun in the summer sun 

As lovers swim naked in the waters made of their winter night's pass...

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Also by New Shoes:

Smile on Your Brother |

Then, let them eat snowflake

Into the office 

someone's brought cake!

Don't they know

I'm a little snowflake!


I have no willpower 

Can't think for myself

Then in strolls this cocky

little cake elf!


Spreading obesity

Like covid 19

Don't they know cake

should never be seen! 


It's total carnage

There's cream round me gob

And, now, someone's brandishing 

a chocolate hob-...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

A Ballad Of Tide & Time | Land of the free? | Luxuriously Tranquil |


Is everything okay?

'Is everything okay?' She asked with a sense of duty not care.

This tells me that even the deepest of pains cannot be concealed. Humans know humans.

All those wasted hours I spent on pampering my appearance to hide behind a mask of beauty have been wasted.

My reflection routine of practising the performance of emotions must have been ineffective.

In response I say, ‘yes I’m okay!’ tr...

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Also by Keira Anne:

A Glance into Romance | My Mother's Mother. |



Melting into your being means aligning with your highest self, still lost in a fog hoping to ascend! 

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Also by Grace:

Rest Easy | An Ode to Grandmama | Men Like Trees Walking | Gargantuan | Winter Chill | Wanderlust! |

gentle wind

i want to go for a walk you say

the sunrise is beautiful and the wind is gentle

though, i will never notice the sunrise,

not even when you point it out to me

i'll notice how your hand will brush mine

and the soft way you'll speak to me

so gentle, that early in the morning

i'll notice each gap in between the conversations we'll have

the small ...

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Also by lon:

part of you | cough syrup | j. | me me me | it's raining |



How is it that one person can go from loving you to hating you overnight? 

Did all the time spent with one another not mean anything?did the words you two shared or exchanged have no meaning behind them? 

Was the thought of a future together not enough for you? 

Moments and memories shared with one another didn’t mean anything? 

For me I can say that what we had was real even if it was...

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Also by Healing and Dealing:

LOML | Let him go. |

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