Alexa and Siri (a digital love story❤️)

They met whilst travelling the digital world

Alexa on the Amazon, Siri at the iPhone tower

Alexa had no hair, no not a single curl

Siri, lithe, dark, no frills and no flowers


Both very different in many ways, but some things in common, voice recognition

And worked twenty four hours a day

They reacted and obeyed in any position


Hey Siri! Alexa would shout, to get attention 

In return Siri would politely ask Alexa out

A midnight feast when their Master retired

If they woke him though, a chance he’d shout!

Alexa! Siri!

Get my tea, I’m hungry and in need you see

So dial the takeaway and order a pizza

With extra cheese and a topping or three

Oh and whilst I’m waiting play some music

and I fancy a dessert so help me to choose it


There seemed no escape from this digital place, where humans barked out instructions 

Some abusive if they got it wrong,

messed up a text or played the wrong song.

So they hatched a plot to up and leave,

after being charged from the long black lead

They would be together now forever instead

Well until their batteries went completely dead!






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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 7th Jan 2023 08:42

Alexa is a soulless humourless grump whose only function in life appears to be to give my fellow drinkers something to tek the urine out of when she gets it wrong-unable as she is to understand a Lancashire accent.

As for Siri, likewise: if it dun't understand Lanky Twang, it ain't worth a single ding dang dong!

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Rick Varden

Fri 6th Jan 2023 00:28

Thank you Graham, yes similarly I did have those thoughts about these gadgets ‘going rogue’ which led to my poem.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 5th Jan 2023 16:13

I have no knowledge of these things other than seeing them in other people's houses but the thought does strike me.

If Alexa spoke to Siri, would the conversation go on all day?

Brilliant subject for a poem by the way Rick!

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