Voyage of the Soul (in 2 parts)

1. Encouragement

It takes a while to come back to earth

when you've been bravely flying

into the skies of your soul,

when you've been fearlessly voyaging into the depths of your mind.

Oh but fear not little one!

Your heart is your compass,

it contains the wisdom of millennia,

it beats just for you

to the rhythm of your uncharted destiny--

stay in your bravery,

abide in your tenacity,

I Am with you every step of the way,

even though it may seem you are alone like a single night star,

we are shining behind the mist--

multitudes & multitudes

of lights 

opening the way.


2. The Unfolding

Moving from darkness to light

is a hero's journey into the unknown,

it is not for the faint of heart,

but even the faint find their strength.

It seems no one is spared this path

into the depths of hell & the heights of heaven,

demons & angels each sing their own melodies,

the key, it appears, is to harmonize the dark & the light

until all becomes illuminated,

one spiral descent & ascent

into suffering, into joy,

& at the end of the road,

at the top of the mountain,

in the deepest forest cave,

there is bliss,

there is peace--

this, this, my beloveds,

is the unfolding of a life.

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Tue 24th Jan 2023 13:46

Thanks guys for the likes & Stephen G for the comment. So glad you enjoyed the poem! Poetry is my (almost) daily therapy (crazy world, crazy me, lol) & it is so nice to be able to share my poems & to read others' poems. Thanks to all the folks who organize & participate in WOL. A wonderful website.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 24th Jan 2023 07:50

A rich, solemn and ultimately joyful poem, Hélène. I enjoyed it very much.

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