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We made a blood oath...

and yet the promise of it dissipated with the conversation I often expected.


As much as I’d love to over-describe, as some might expect me to, the weight of how I feel while concocting the narratives of Univerza, my writings mislead me.


I might say the campfire stories I told, which wrote themselves, are but a light in a pitch forest as I meander away ...

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There are dawned mornings some often find the same balcony just months in difference,

Leaned over the same stretch of oak-beam and widen pupils

To untangle their breath as it intertwines with lake-steam;

And watch dragon-tailed sunrises in different-hued scenes.


Back inside a fire-warmed cabin held up by support beams over a thin beach

Prior to high-tide,...

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Shoulders sore, propped up over an internally burning stomach

Raw eyes anchored to keys,

Each digital page was a blanketed field surrounded by summits.


It’s no crowned jewel, although sometimes peppered by obsidian flakes,

Numbers indicating trailheads with the promise of mountains and lakes.


Following the spine upwards, eyeing the words down

Pages were the ...

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The Move

 The Move

Xylene, Toluene, trichloroethylene,

The smell,

Prior paint peeled away and fell.

All off-white, only ever warmer; morning sunlight in the east windows

1887, a ship-builder discussed between three widows,

That line there, fixed up by The Man, too

Them floorboards wouldn’t look as good as The Man could do.

Where did he go? One asked inside of the plain room,


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The girl showed her fangs, most when alone

Her nails grew bigger, clear and they’re cold;

Escort; chaperone.


She showed her fangs when she got him alone

Clawing at skin; she’s ice and she’s cold

Showed her his doors and how they won’t close

Inside the living; curtains and carpets stained with cologne.


Epoxy the vase, stuck on the phone

Shirt into shre...

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The Lakes Have Eyes

The Lakes Have Eyes

Ferrari nails dug into Dogwood bark as August curled in,

And eyes mirrored the lake beyond the petals carried with a cooling wind.

Her favorite spot: atop a mica wall,

We used to go; we used to sit there and laugh; we thought we’d fall.


There was only one day, prior to autumn before the earth cooled

When the sky grew stressed and pelted us with rain, i...

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New Light Beam

New Light Beam

I wasn’t born this bright

And there was no way I could see

How growing up inside the dark could bring light out of me


I seen a new light beam

It cast onto to trees

And each drive there was a window of time

I saw the emerald sea


There was a humid haze between myself and the never-ending valley

With pollen speeding fast into my eyes from air-rushed...

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Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Necklace

I dare to wander far inside this trove of a head

Without chains around my ankles bounding me to my bed

Though, it sure feels like it

I feel a weight inside my lungs and my chest doesn’t like it


In the expansion and decompression

The plasm I bleed

And the skin closes up, it’s all alike

It seems.


In solitude, a bed of thin clouds dissolves benea...

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It’s a bright day, brilliant colors all struck from sunrays

And the night which followed was quiet,

Cicadas ain’t out yet, I’m still figuring out how I hear the same sounds

Miles away and still hearing ringing and shouts.


I could never make sense how the skyline is loud

How the blue feels like it’s fighting the sun in a bout,

I watch it from a window while academic papers ar...

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The color yellow looks different when I look through your eyes,

As if the fields are made of emeralds decorated in butterflies,

And then I see pollen fly and descend to the wind’s singing

And embed themselves into beds’ sheets’ linen.


The coursing of dance mimics a river current

And I involuntarily admire your freckles and the rose of your cheeks like they’re sunbu...

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Your eyes are hazy

I think I found

My favorite color


And I think about you

All the time

I don’t want to bother.


But she will only say

They are brown

That they are boring


But I just can’t stop

Looking into honey

Your eyes are October

They’re sunflowers.

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Think real hard

You best not forget

Some red that’s left

Off with the showerhead.


I sometimes forget all the people I saved and vice versa

But I never forget the stories I’ve spoken in tongue you’ve never heard of.


And now I remember nails pressed into skin

With your mouth wide open and spit rolling in.


I saw verses printed into ribcages and necks

And Shak...

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Makes You Angry

All I need is you

And low natural light infiltrating the room


We often play pretend in our minds and while we think

We think lightly of our due dates, more if we’re on time


I know I missed one day and saw the grass turn gray

And though the sun still shined through the clouds that May

I never could forgive myself for missing your day

But I saw a lot of beauty for you ...

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The feeling only comes when the dawn sets in

Nightmares in the daytime, they feel all wild

Close your eyes and relax

You might be here awhile.


Now that those blood stains have been bleached long ago

And you think you see them again in the clothes you thought you owned

Do you remember them well?

Set on fire and washed cold


And how did they do it? Are you still afra...

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Starshine (V.2)

The stars shine brighter than the books say they’re supposed to

And the tall grass ain’t as green as the other side had proposed

I was too drunk to see the starshine

In the daytime I saw their glimmer spark and melt into some bronze eyes

Two rings of lulled dreamscapes I near missed when I fell into a low tide


I writ in song so that the stanzas, you can’t read them, but you li...

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Literature Legacy; The Conceptualism of Syntactic Advancement

Literary, a mental structure I abide by so strictly, because I’m often aggravated if people use the wrong words in sentences when the practice is elementary.

I force feelings to words while so many keep in the current of an intangible gist, to which they might feel, or they might solely be on the hunch that life is dissolving matter. I do so in order to easily combat what my mind wants to enfo...

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The pathway is a little bit chewed

A little bit covered

          In permafrost


The later that night

          The more you surely loss


Deepen the mind’s abyss

          Feel around for the light-switch

                   Avoid the claws


The voices in my head, they are an oligarch

          They know you more than your family

                   And th...

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Deep red

deep state in an asleep head

Night dawns a new obsolete head

sewn through the holes of nightmares


In deep red

Wild were the thoughts which rampaged through my obsolete head

sifting through, onward to oblivion over the steeps’ edge

a mystic haze in a flume over the deep end

I see red

I bleed red, and she can see it in my eyes

dawn looked so beautiful re...

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15 Curses of Caleb


Inevitably a smile

A happening of fascination

The affected refrain from spilling out


Judge quickly, it is a curse

The affected begins to ponder

Thoughts begin to hurt


The affected seek more

A common voice is only common

As long as the affected recollects his words


Converse, seemingly, indefinitely

He is...

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Lowlight Afterparty (Speech)

Lowlight Afterparty (Speech)

Thou shall never know if words could ever suffice

Nor should the laws of nature bound the mind to the earth

For we exist as long as the fade of eternal light

Brings a dimming to the afterparty as we find it cannot always be night


And though our hands feel our knees and our locked chests

Some can see clearly yet roam in the subconscious dark depth...

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Bad Poetry

Bad Poetry

My name is Caleb Gorey

The narrative is

My brain is a literary Rubik’s Cube and not even I can solve it


The network of my nerves are syntactic

And my blood vessels are but a poem

Clotted with cells of writer’s block

Because my heart is deprived of the right words to gift  my mouth

And my liver faults again and its screaming

“You can’t have it!”



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One of a firepit, another a grotto

A low, dim mist leaks from between hills like the Milky Way erupted

From deep below

The earth was warm and its emerald undertone became glossy beneath the ice

And ochre paint of daffodils smears with browned frost


The home itself is but a disorganized cabin

With its heavy vines sewn throughout pine beams

And all the world is quiet but fo...

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Red Granite

Red Granite

Listen closely and hear

To know what the dawn needs


Tired eyes and a drifting thought

You must be astronaut sat upon God’s knees


Closer to hear

What the colors of dawn needs


Poppyseed fields at the foot of a valley

The crimson of God’s teeth

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Schoolyard Vandal


Schoolyard Vandal

Back in the old days

They drooled over words a boy writ

And love all the stanzas in the grass with his spit


Boy as a child

He was a special, he wrote

And read as a priest in the schoolyard

Speak as to humble, kids hear from his throat


They all hear his name at the gravel mounds

An unorthodox practice of illustrations and games

Bring th...

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A Dim Afterparty

A Dim Afterparty

Thou shall never know if words could ever suffice

Nor should the laws of nature bound the mind to the earth

For we exist as long as the fade of eternal light

Brings a dimming to the afterparty as we find it cannot always be night


And though our hands feel our knees and our locked chests

Some can see clearly yet roam in the subconscious dark depths

In a ...

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Respect Women, He Said

Respect Women, he said

I remember my skin was tight coming in from the low of a Maine night

When she

When she

When she

When she

Discovered my claims of

I could walk better, I ain’t in pain

But she knew something other than how my words were arranged

it were the muscles in and around my mouth, sculpting my face

Or it was the bags under my eyes

She related to when ...

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Make Mama Cry

When they say to stay gold

Is it for bright days to sit between your ears?

All the cotton clouds, two or three, right there?

Or is it to find strength for your arms to pull you over the mossed edge?


Mama cried after every light accomplishment

Whether it be reinstated love or you set a day aside for treks and hikes

Or graduated from University


You seen Mama cry when t...

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Agadonon's Stead

Flowers & Hummingbirds

I hear the wind over your voice every morning

Something sweet of your breath while I am running

In the willow leaves woven is golden hair


The bronze-valley of her eyes when the sun comes

Begin to glow

I keep running not knowing where I’m going


She is there

I know I would like to go home


Flowers and hummingbirds know the story

Of w...

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Hazel Valley Fever

This light begins heating

And worn now

Days wont bring back the subconscious feeling of love

To the foreground

Exhausted with wings

"What is the deadline?" She asked.

"It's troubling"

I miss you so much

I miss you so much

I miss you so much

I miss you so much

I miss you so much


So when the night draws

The day is paint thinner

Psychosis pulls back your...

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Nothing was more of a tangerine hue

Than the lowlight of Manitoba this morning

The Winnipeg River calmed at the foot

Of its rapids and roaring

Kaylee never emerged from her tent

to see new shades

Or the vining philodendrons’ hearts

Curl and take shape

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