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Brian Maryon on Red Pencil (3 days ago)

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Unable to return it, the boy kept his mother’s

gift; heard it, understood it, accepted her


beast of words. Ill-conceived, born of

incompetent rage, it latched itself inside his


aching rib cage. Wary of her guilt ridden and

thinly spread slices of mother’s pride, the


beast gnawed at young bones, consuming his

youth instead. The boy grew old dealing with



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entry picture

In search of yew in Borrowdale

that shared the sun with Judas,

I walk a rutted path,


aware of twinges, snares, rocks,

carrying your paints and easel

along with this bowl of words,


no longer fit for consumption,

mold festering in knots

from sour touching fruit within.


And if these words were berries,

gardeners would stand disappointed

at the canker in...

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Red Pencil

entry picture

I am six years old, my pencil breaks
mid-word in Mrs Foster’s class.

So I turn to my friend Martin, show him
the pencil and whisper,

‘Martin, Martin, my pencil has broke.’
‘Here, use this,’ he says and passes

a substitute, secretly under the desk.
‘But it’s a red pencil, Martin,’ I say.

He smiles a smile. It is an ‘it’ll all be ok’
sort of smile and so I carry on,

copying lines of ...

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entry picture

I was the designated person. I’d seen it

before and I am hard. All over in a few

seconds; a slow movement across two

graduations, then an increased flow to a

final stop at empty. Clear eyes to

opaque in an efficient procedure

performed by this calm and experienced

professional; the dog, supporting his

own weight one moment, to being a

dead-weight slumped in my arms on a


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On The Road To Samaria

entry picture

In these shoes,

I negotiate life in the third person;

toes swathed in top quality calfskin,

safe from random shit and shards,

where neither grass nor paved path

can sully these soft arches and soles.


I wear these suits;

an actor avoiding the fourth wall,

costumed and painted with lines learnt,

senses fenced off with silk and cashmere,

any truthful light blocked b...

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Coming Home

entry picture

I wonder if, like me, the winter skies at Cunswick,

swathed in low cloud, above old scars of crag

and frozen garlands of brown bracken,

anticipate the welcome return of African visitors;


if underfoot, limestone bones ache for warmth,

dark fissured slabs buried beneath grass paths,

quietly longing for early May’s trick of light,

tired bodies aloft after months of migration...

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Grown wild, unclaimed and loose in lanes,
he peed higher, spat further, swore louder
than any other latchkey street weed.

Green acolytes, summoned with strangled
banshee howls, drawn to worship as he spoke
to us in bloodied tongues for a dare.

Envied for knowledge of hidden pathways
by the railway, and his dead bat in a matchbox,
which some could see for tuppence.

Pursuing the lost, alw...

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Remember Me

entry picture

Haunting places where secret agents once hid,

I return to childhood as a stranger.

All games we played for keeps; no second chances.


Committed to blood and rain and wind and sun,

a tribe summoned down alleys by banshee howls;

we spoke in bloodied tongues for a dare.


Drawn to worship by abandoned rank canals,

waist high in summer filth, baptised with leeches;

all c...

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Secrets Of Men

entry picture

Perched on a milestone,

Spy considered offers from fylgjur,

haunting woods like fox wraiths.


Night worn as a cloak, tired bones

aching under breeze ruffled feathers,

his conspiracy betrayed by brother silhouettes

circling in tempered moonlight.


Revealed by flecks of white in beads of jet,

he watched ghost clouds drift like lost leaves,

disturbing stars floating...

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The Copenhagen Interpretation of E-mails (after Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg)

entry picture

I read somewhere, at sometime,

that everything and nothing exists

outside the space you’re placed.


Closed doors are quantum barriers

separating the countless possibilities

of constantly branching parallel universes.


Facts on the outsides of rooms

are blurred, until they are moved into

and created through observation.


So, ignoring Newtonian classical notion...

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On Good Days

entry picture

On good days, the voices were quiet.

He’d fumble the razor, indulge in muttered

early morning profanities, yet still wear

his hope like an old boxer’s dressing gown.


Water cascading over knotted hands,

temperature rising as the boiler kicked in,

he’d tickle the soap trout like a novice,

splashing water over threadbare slippers.


Thin ribbons of steam wafting upward...

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Death On A Pavement

entry picture

On hard wet ground, exposed like a pulsing nerve,

half a yard from the comfort of grass,


it writhed unsteadily to unheard music, while the

connoisseur’s eye judged its girth from a bush.


Rainwater marinated and near wasted after a night

of passion, casting tired letter shapes as the sun split


clouds overhead, this foot long night crawler knew

of its place on the...

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Schrödinger's Mouse

entry picture

Your love of my raspberries has resulted

in this late evening walk in headtorch,


to hedges of hazel and blackthorn,

far enough from home to foil ideas of return.


Aware of owls ripping through moonlight,

I kneel in damp fescue and sedge,


clutching this tilt trap of quantum uncertainty;

mouse or no mouse? that is the question.


The trap gate opens. You see ...

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Then It Rains

entry picture

You ask on my behalf to rise and leave,

to dress without the hindrance

of bootlace worms returning at our feet.


In vain we anticipate permission from spiders

who watch in shadows, spinning webs

that constrain all action.


Standing, squatting, sitting, we are opposed,

resisted. We are tangled marionettes,

linked with quantum string, each responding

with ...

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Invitation To Move On

entry picture

I am small in the sea, pushed around

by waves that care not for any grain of sand

or stuff that floats in old men’s heads.


Arms held wide and high, that reach and cling

like a child to a parent when things get rough,

when routines fail and muscles waste.


I hesitate, recoil, cower; skin so thin

these cold water blades could spill these guts

for waiting gulls an...

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And Yet

entry picture

Curtains remain drawn, as day comes with rain
like a returning memory. In darkness, early moments
rest on heavy eyes, closed to a wave of sickness.

In the residue of cracked ashtrays and stale alcohol,
sit diary entries of dissolute nights with succubae;
a debt of bad shillings that smothers and oppresses.

With a switchclick of artificial light, a three-quarter
circular tea stain on the...

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entry picture

I don’t feel like searching this time.

What would be the point? But we’re

throwing cushions to the floor,

groping down the sides of armchairs,

emptying cupboards, rolling back

mats and scrabbling under beds.


I know it’s useless looking for this

jigsaw piece, the missing bit I burnt in

the grate last week along with other

stuff from a shoebox of old crap,


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Old Dog

entry picture

Heart racing as if a mile had been lost,

at odds with the stillness of a newly

emptied room, taking in the failure

of pencils on the floor and books left

on tables. He sees ghosts, hears the

echo of children’s voices, careless and

free now it has gone three, oblivious

of the anguish stalking this classroom;

a place conflicted all day, growing

through the week with doors ...

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One Called Paul

entry picture

Five drab juveniles land outside my window;

goth eyeliner, raucous and rucking over territory,

fouling up my window ledge, five floors high.


Under murmured shadows, three leave suddenly,

startle the two, who, drawing close, look to each other,

before the larger wings it with thousands in late city skies.


The smallest catches reflections in the high rise glass,


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