Up and Away

Sometimes I want to stand

at the top of a mountain

& holler

louder than thunder

until my anguish & frustration

bounce off the granite walls

& reverberate down into the valleys,

until all the critters scamper away

& the leaves fly off the trees

& the clouds in the sky part like theater curtains

& the hand of God reaches down 

& lifts me up & away

to another planet.

Maybe I could hang out with Le Petit Prince & his beautiful beloved rose?

Oh well, then I climb down the imaginary mountain

& start sweeping dust 

& gathering wild weed flowers

into a pretty bouquet

& once again find


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Mon 30th Jan 2023 14:41

Thanks so much for your kind encouragement Stephen & Layla! Sometimes my poems get a little "out there" (magical realism style perhaps?) & it's nice to know folks enjoy them.

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Mon 30th Jan 2023 13:28

The Little Prince is such a beautiful story. You incorporated it well into this poem.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 30th Jan 2023 09:13

I was fascinated by this, Hélène. It seems to suggest that there is always hope in our earthly life.

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