A latter to the passed

If I come back home 

Tell you all of where my soul has been 

If I can back and told you all the pain have been in

Tell you I left to soon

Left before it really began 

What would you do 

Would you tell me a sorty of how ever thing will be okay 

Would you tell me you been waiting for me 

Would you ask me who I am tell me the boy that left isn't the man that come back 

Would you tell me everything work out for the best 

Anyway its all fairy tale know 

A sorty of young love that didn't work out 

Cause dear this ain't the movies there no happy ened 

No cliff hanger no set up to a squal no going back and re write the prequel 

There just an ended so just incase you ever read this 

I end it with some kind words 

Don't wish for forgiveness I don't want an apologies 

I just want you out of my head 

Please and thank cause I could keep writing for days 

Where ever you are I wish you well 


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