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Then, let them eat snowflake

Into the office 

someone's brought cake!

Don't they know

I'm a little snowflake!


I have no willpower 

Can't think for myself

Then in strolls this cocky

little cake elf!


Spreading obesity

Like covid 19

Don't they know cake

should never be seen! 


It's total carnage

There's cream round me gob

And, now, someone's brandishing 

a chocolate hob-nob!


We're like pigs with truffles

We all want a bite

This cake won't go 'gentle 

into this good night!'


It's mankind at its worst

Never mind Putin's war

This war of malnutrition 

has spread to the shopfloor!


Now, only crumbs remain

And not a crumb of work's been done!

All because us snowflakes 

can't handle a sticky bun!


Treating  people like imbeciles 

Creates imbeciles…



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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 25th Jan 2023 21:39

Thank you Stephen, & Julie. Yes, i propose every working day be cake day! With a nice cuppa tea...& some nibbles followed by dribbles. 🤤
And thanks for the likes Frederick, New shoes, Hugh, Holden & K Lynne
Much appreciated 🌈🍰

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julie callaghan

Tue 24th Jan 2023 09:31

Brilliant Stephen put a smile on my lips and an inch on my hips! Crem dela crem 🍰

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 24th Jan 2023 07:26

A priceless poem, Stephen. I think I'll have some cake....

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 23rd Jan 2023 21:50

Too right, Uilleam!
And, yes, John we do! Although cheese & wine are OK to take to work 🤤

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John Coopey

Sun 22nd Jan 2023 21:22

We need the government to protect us from ourselves, Stephen!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 22nd Jan 2023 14:29

They're going to ban buns at work.

It's your fault they're lying in the street for an hour waiting for an ambulance...
It's your fault they're overweight, needing hospital beds that were never there in the 1st place.

More gaslighting, to distract from their own corrupt shenanigans!

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