Let me say from the off that the Kit Kat Chunky is without peer as my favourite bar of chocolate.  And I’m not alone in this view.  Kit Kat is the 2nd best selling chocolate bar in the world.  But let me add that I am hugely impressed by the skill of Nestle in achieving this with not very much.

I’ll explain, shall I?  Everyone will realise the cleverness of putting a hole in a Polo mint and, what’s more, of marketing the lack of mint as a positive USP.  Likewise, Aero makes a feature of putting bubbles (or holes, to call a spade a shovel) in its chocolate and then alludes to the taste sensation of them exploding on your tongue.

But Kit Kat takes the biscuit, as they say.

I was alerted to this by my daughter who asked me how I ate one. Other than thinking “in secret”, I didn’t really get what she meant.  But she explained that she nibbled off all the chocolate and put it to one side to enjoy last, to reveal the naked wafer.

So I tried it and I can tell you there’s not much chocolate – perhaps the equivalent of the single piece of “Yorkie” and a sad looking wafer.

But consider this; the conventional 2- or 4- finger Kit Kat has elevated this parsimony to new heights still by designing in a “valley” or “valleys” between the fingers a la Polo (more valley, less chocolate) and then positively markets this by encouraging the customer to “take a break”.

Genius or what?




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John Coopey

Sat 14th Jan 2023 17:32

We share similar tastes, MC. I like chocolate brazils too. Payne’s are the benchmark. But I think for cheek in rivalling Kit Kats (and Polo) they should replace the nut with fresh air.
And thanks for the Likes, Frederick, Stephen G and Stephen A.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 14th Jan 2023 16:31

I used to like dipping each Kit-Kat "finger" in my cup of tea and
sucking the chocolate from it. Now I buy bags of plain chocolate covered Brazil nuts and pop them stright into my mouth for a
salivating chew. Tasty and healthy in equal measure. This old
monkey and his nuts don't like to be parted! 😋

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John Coopey

Fri 13th Jan 2023 19:34

Lockdowns didn’t really bother us, Graham. We never breed outside the family up here.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 13th Jan 2023 17:02

OMG! There's not another lockdown in Yorkshire is there??

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