gentle wind

i want to go for a walk you say

the sunrise is beautiful and the wind is gentle

though, i will never notice the sunrise,

not even when you point it out to me

i'll notice how your hand will brush mine

and the soft way you'll speak to me

so gentle, that early in the morning

i'll notice each gap in between the conversations we'll have

the small silences

awkward pauses

and how i'll keep laughing or talking nonsense in order to fill those holes

i'll notice your eyes

and the way that sunrise will hit them when it shines through your window

the way they'll look at me

and you'll notice me looking at your eyes, way longer than i should, probably

nonetheless, i'll tell you that the sunrise is beautiful

i'll tell you how wonderfully beautiful the orange, pinks, and blues blend

and how i've never seen one like this where i lived,

in order to take my mind off the heartbeat in my throat

and so we'll go on a walk


because the sunrise is beautiful

and the wind is gentle


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Tue 24th Jan 2023 14:15

A lovely poem, enjoyed!

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 22nd Jan 2023 08:34

This is a genuinely beautiful and tender poem. Thank you.

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