The feast of colour should be an etching of nature's joy

not of horror rendered forever into minds. 


The nazis were thorough

versatile in their methods

for such is the pornography of cruelty

satisfaction in putting to death the innocents

pleasure at a job well done. 


Arbitrary hanging was one such habit

the ending of precious lives

by choking on a rope in full view of prisoners

forced to watch

a kind of skewed privilege provided

by the superior race,

with links to medieval ritual along with garrotting

and other means to an end 


less mechanized than mass gassing

the roasting of bodies in ovens,

the economy of gravity in the free fall

of prisoners shot from behind. 


Mercifully these things we now watch in black and white

not as in real life, while enjoying other gratuitious delights

as provided by Hollywood in glorious colour

now taken for granted. 




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Mon 30th Jan 2023 16:37

Thanks Stephen. Yes lots of wartime footage is now in colour - though I don't recall personally seeing the camps in that light....

Reggie's Ghost, I didn't realize that, thanks for posting it. It is a hard task bringing such poems to the table.

Thanks Graham, I did get a compliment for that from someone also respected in the inner fraternity(shall we say) it pays to go out on a limb sometimes with a phrase I find. That's a perfectly frank and valid point you make , this is the first one I've ever posted. Where do we start. The only writer I know who went to the camps was Primo Levi (prose) but very moving.

Thanks due to Red Brick, John, Koya, Helene Holden and Stephen...

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 28th Jan 2023 09:15

The pornography of cruelty says it all! It leaps off the page.

Taking Reggie’s comment above, I find I cannot write anything worth posting about The Holocaust even though I have tried on many occasions.

I’m not a denier by any means but I cannot collect myself enough to capture the horror. For me it’s remembrance.

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Reggie's Ghost

Fri 27th Jan 2023 22:20

Surprisingly this is the only original Holocaust piece so far on this Holocaust Memorial Day, (John Coopey's and mine are both re-posts.)

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 27th Jan 2023 17:07

A tough read but beautifully written, Ray. 'The economy of gravity' almost unbearably apposite. I must say that BBC 'Pure Drama' sometimes has its share of colourful violence.

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