No Rest for the Wicked (Insomnia 2)

Eyes wide closed in sleepy repose

Sultry sun rays warm the eyelids of the weary

and bleary in the morning dew

Escape into a resting heaven eludes


Pressures of the day abound as demands

in the mind, twist round and around like

torment to the very soul once again

Work and family top the list of concerns


Before long, the dimming twilight skies

bring anxious feelings of impending defeat

Leading once more to confront the night

That hovers darkly between the sheets


Forgotten feelings overcome, turning and twisting

beyond the limits of endurance

Once more forcing premature rising, to

stumble downstairs is not unsurprising


A routine established in many years past

With each night being as bad as the last

The dawning of a fresh new day should

Help to take the feel of deprivation away


But no changes are felt as bravado erodes 

The will and determination melt away and

make space for another insomnia episode

On this tired, bleary and wearisome day.


The counting of sheep

       Recounting lost days sleep:















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Graham Sherwood

Tue 17th Jan 2023 13:27

The all time poets malaise. Headwords at bedtime!

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