Lady Penelope

Thunderbirds are go!

I used to love that bloody show

Many years ago when I was a kid

Watching that programme was all I did


The main character was Jeff Tracy

But the one I liked was quite a bit racey

She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes

So beautiful that I just used to cry

Every time she came on my TV screen

Even when I was in my teens


She was my very first love, it is no lie

For Lady Penelope  I would have given my life

But it eventually dawned on me

that she was a puppet

Me mates thought I was a right muppet


But it suited me really that

we were never a match

As I preferred relationships…

With no strings attached!









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Rick Varden

Mon 16th Jan 2023 23:37

Thank you so much for your feedback, great memories

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 16th Jan 2023 17:16

Superb, Rick. I was always intrigued by Parker, who looked a bit of a repressed thug. Nowadays, he would be sorting them out at the Queen Vic.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 16th Jan 2023 15:04

For me, Rick, it was the beautiful, enigmatic Marla at the HQ of Space Patrol, my favourite puppet show. Her catchphrase? 'A Venusian has the facility never to forget.'

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