The Seclusionists Paradise

The Seclusionists Paradise


     He had a thought,

   he thinks, thinks it will be fine one day,

he is ‘now’ before the sink, filling a kettle

     to boil his fifth cup of tea.


     The thought was of course;- genuine,

and in control, the journey never travelled

fractal enclosures of reliability and he did think

he was enjoying his inquiry.


     Smiling while sipping the hot tea,

his thought pulled again,

          ‘there is no such thing as a seclusionists paradise,

                               in loneliness.’


     The tears began their regular journey

for the first time that day,

     as another thought beckoned that compelled he

             to ‘shout out loud,’


          ‘it is a stupid, that believes we are a ‘most’ advanced race,

                 where love, isn’t even considered; real.'



Michael J Waite 27th January 2023.

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