Holy Hell In An Airport Hotel

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These paths we walk
grounded by responsibility
well-worn routine
practiced intimacy
I could only smile
when you whispered in my ear
‘Take me away from this
take me anywhere but here’

Living in the moment
it’s all we know to do
as you pepper my shoulder with kisses
my fingers explore every inch of you
You said ‘the world is a minibar
cold and empty
but now we’re blessed by this heat
tonight, we’ve broken free’

You’re biting my shoulders
as I worship at your chest
real life left at the door
shed like the straps of your dress
Then you’re climbing over me
and I taste it on my knees
every drop is so addictive
just like you said it would be

The way you bite your lip
and your softly closing eyes
when I gently twist my hip
as I bring myself inside
My thumb is in your mouth
measuring the pleasure
It’s a holy hell
in this airport hotel

Those moans are low
until they’re as high
and loud as the planes above
it’s a rush, it’s a ride
to any escape that pleases us…




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Kevin Tan

Mon 13th Mar 2023 16:59

As true poets we should probably say: neither & both 🎃

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Fri 3rd Mar 2023 13:59

An excellent question Kevin. Neither and both, as always 😃

Thanks for reading. Or listening...

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Kevin Tan

Fri 3rd Mar 2023 02:40

fact, fiction or both? 😋

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Thu 26th Jan 2023 14:20

Thanks Manish, much appreciated.

Thanks also to Stephen, Stephen, Holden and John for stopping by to read and click like.

Edit: Now with audio.

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Manish Singh Rajput

Wed 25th Jan 2023 16:25

So much intimacy. Nicely written Tom!

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Wed 25th Jan 2023 15:26

Thanks for the like Frederick. I'm glad you found something to enjoy in this filth 😀

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