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A world of uncertainty

Leaves life without a meaning

Plotting your journey on a map with form

Distance and time spearing you to the floor

Spontaneity and the notion of irrationality

Appear to make one’s life more fruitful

As it is not micromanaged

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I Offer Flowers

So, I ask you

Is this it?

The moment

We have quietly



Are we to die

At the hands

Of a Russian



For the first time

In my life

The unbelievable

Has become believable


His cold eyes

Glaring out

On the TV screen

Send shivers

Down my spine



Assures me

It’s a bluff

Trust us

All will be fine



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W in black


such a time,

was an air




wanted mail,



the sort that fall when

news is good to arrive.

She would traffic

your bumper-to-bumper


your ushered


of firm respect,

with your belief,

Her laugh accompanied

that gentle shake of head

was more

fond of you

through open doorways.

Then glancin...

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Questions Of The Day

I ask questions of myself 
each moment of each day 
Watching the news constantly
in disbelief and dismay 

Is there nothing I could do 
is there nothing I could say
That could make a difference
to help take their pain away 

Is there something I should do
is there something I should say 
Should I stand up in protest 
should I bow my head and pray

Which donation should I make 

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Night-time Serenade



The dusk turns to dark

As I look to the sky

With starlight reflected

In the blue of my eyes


Softly, into focus 

Shine the heroes of old

Each golden cluster

A tale to be told:


The Hunter & his Hounds

Search the night sky

For dragons & serpents

And horses that fly


Whilst Perseus 

Gives Andromeda the eye

And grabs her a moonbe...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

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“In the coffee shop”

Frigid and blue 

They shake and you

Everything I know untrue

In the coffee shop


Here you are warm

Your collective reborn

Soul mended, untorn

In the coffee shop


long chilled hands

Comply your demands

Fill with java and understand

In the coffee shop


Heat with you now

Your digits and brow

Relax to the sounds

In the coffee shop


The ta...

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Also by Olivia Cimino:

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The space race was not enough.
The war could not be won
by Laika, or Yuri, or Neil.

So Spassky and Fischer
were sent to the front line,
reluctant troops in Reykjavik,
playing to save the world.

The Soviet’s revenge
was on the basketball court,
an arena as unlikely
as a miracle on ice.

Americans never
marched in Moscow,
nor Russians in LA.
Better a boycott
than a Bay of Pigs,

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After the storm

The tears that build up are never easily shed

By the old man with the walking stick

That beats his leg to make it work

The youth that stands at the bus stop

Blinking into the sun

Waiting for the bus that will never come

The little girl just out of school

Holding on to mummy’s hand

Wondering what’s for tea tonight

But mummy’s’ only thought is to keep all men away

As sh...

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Also by Martin Elder:

My head- a seagulls lounge |

Waiting For The Bus


Clumps of kids
sit on the grass
with books and backpacks
and their ever-present phones
always staring at phones
they do not see the other
right beside them
they do not care
they just wait in a trance
blankly staring at screens
waiting for the big yellow school bus
to take them away
remember the day
when we rode without phones
and were so excited to be...

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Ukraine will rise again,

As healing subdues pain.

Its people are undaunted

As Russia's flag is flaunted

In futile fashion when it's plain

Ukraine will rise again.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



When Allah made Adam (a.s)

He gave him lots of work

Sent him on earth

As vicergent of God


Adam and his children

Are born with two things different 

An angel true to guide them to do good

And a jinn to whisper in their ears evil


The choice is left to our will

Whether we respond to good or evil

Choices we make, prices we pay

Both in this world and after tha...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

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Split in Two

The way I hide away, 
to remove myself, from myself, 
from my other self, 
the one that overthinks, 
to remain in motion, 
without hindrance or hesitation, 
because she doesn’t want to 
think of how disorganized, 
an absolute wreck, she is  
trying to keep it all together. 

She exhausts herself; gives 
too much to others until 
burnout. She keeps up with 
self-care, responsibilities...

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Also by kimberly:

Thank You For This Gift |

Don't judge

After a few stretches, she went to the door. Like everyday she picked up the newspaper, started to read. She comfortably sat on the chair in her garden with her coffee mug on the table. Took a few sips refreshing her mind. She turned on the next page and had only read few lines. She felt uncomfortable, anyone could read her face. A look of discomfort, grief, shock and anxiety ran down her face. Hu...

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4 Science Fiction Nightmares at the edge of Madness



Talking with strangers

she only realised she was talking with strangers

when she saw her husband’s rocket

get shot down orbiting Mars




Nobody thought the terrorists on Venus

could get through their Robot Fleet

until ship after ship fell through the heavens

like apples from a decaying tree.




Gazing away from the rings of Saturn


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Also by Andy N:

4 Memories at the edge of Darkness |

The last Romans

"The murdering of hundreds of thousands and the deportation to, and starvation in, the deserts of other hundreds of thousands, the destruction of hundreds of villages and cities, will the willful execution of this whole devilish scheme to annihilate the Armenian, Greek and Syrian [or Assyrian] Christians of Turkey  –  will all this go unpunished?"  Henry Morgenthau, the U.S. ambassador to the Otto...

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A Time to Write

It seems a waste of time to write

While shots ring out

And bombs and missiles fall,

While populations flee

And others have their backs against the wall,

While bullies swagger round the land

And choose their puppets to install,

It seems a waste of time to write.


No! This is what the strongmen want:

Put down your pen and  call it a day.

They seek monopolies on word...

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The Ugly Woman

leaves latifundia

votes republican 


in european 

social democracies

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The Bitter Night of the Soul

The Bitter Night of the Soul

A large full moon

Bathes the earth

Giving shape to fields and hedges

Defining roads and buildings

All is closing for the night

Growing still, quiet in the darkness

There are no fierce flashes of light

There are no sudden explosions

People do not run, in fear

Children are not crying

Calling for their mothers

In the churchyard

Of a...

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Where Did The Crazy Acts of Passion Go?

Where Did The crazy Acts of Passion Go?


At age fourteen

Scotty engraved Sarah's name in to his arm


They were not together

They'd never kissed

Or even held hands


Sarah didn't see him 

In the way that Scotty saw her


She cared for him as a friend

Bit it didn't change how much Scotty loved her


He told me once— at recess

That the scar on his arm...

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"Peach Jam"

Paradise, You'll find yourself running with the waves, We are all here at the beach and I couldn't be happier, Tribal dancing, Tribal dancing, Huge loveable smiles, There is a celebration today let's just say its the peach jam, I found out how we got here, I dispersed from the riff-raff, exchange your love for pain forgotten memories ain't the same, A gift that goes unaccepted but thank god I foun...

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Beware the bear, my father said,

and he’d been taken to its lair,

read the truth, and clawed his way

from its clasp, a gasp from death

where all breath slows,

in Siberian taiga snows.


Beware the bear,

that funny, honey, sunny-featured creature

which, as a host, will greet you

to its land of ice and hut-filled woods,

with a hug and, open-armed,

insist your stay...

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It Is Better To Be Alone

It's better to be alone

Than to be resented

By the one you love

It's better to be alone 

All on your own

Than to feel alone

With someone else

It's better to be alone

Than competing for 

The attention of 

Someone you put first

Whilst they put you last

It's better to be alone 

Than secretley hated

By the one you share a bed with

It's better to be alone


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Cup Final You'll Never Walk Alone (For Ukraine)

The result for me tomorrow takes a back seat.

I won't lose any sleep over a Cup Final defeat.

Replace our red banners with yellow and blue.

At Wembley dedicate our Anthem to Ukraine too.


Show the watching world were our thoughts lie.

End this War now, no more innocent people to die.

Let Wembley be our platform, our stage, our time.

Show support for Ukraine, this message o...

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All Contributions Gratefully Accepted


write a poem
everyone's a critic
read a poem
everyone's a philosopher
fold the paper carrying the poem
into an origami aeroplane
aim high, let it go
everyone's a child at heart
hopeful dreamer, lover of the good 
unschooled slackline walker, poet
write a poem
do it for mama
it's the least you can do
do it for the cause
every little helps
televise the performance
in the company...

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A Message To Send

what does betrayal look like?

can we bend someone to our will?

Do we dare to try?

If my arms were always wide open, would it mean a thing?

Do we hold the Power?

 If we truely reached deep down inside ourselves and touched every bit of our pain and humbly honored our journey, paid tribute to our past, can you not see then, the warrior that is within us?

The ego is abolished


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The New Czar

The New Czar


Have we not been here before

thrown against the evils of war

Dictators are back as ever before

who act in defiance of the law


They care not for life nor limb

but act according to their whim

They lie, deceive and cheat us all

as people die beneath a smokey pall


Dictators are the serpents of evil

and care not who or what they kill

To stamp...

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Here Comes The War


Upon the hand that wears the ring

Upon the land where locusts sing

There lies a shadow that begins

To make fools of foolish kings


By fear, hunger, hate and pride

By secret tears never cried  

By flood, famine, fire and rod

By supplication to their God


Here comes the war

Over the border

Right to your door

Here comes the war



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UkrainewarRussiapowerweaponsWWWNATOhistory is a virus

Without Peace Souls Don't Sleep

Heart wrenched grief

diehard prays defiance

human corpse mountains

no longer asking

their freedom lost.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Handcuffed in Love |

senseless killing has to cease


You find that thing 

The one you can’t live without 

You’d sell your soul for

You’d bleed and die for 

And you chase it 

With sweat in your eyes and dirt in your lungs

Follow it until your knees give out 

Because where you land

Is exactly where you are meant to be.

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Unspoken Rule


There's silver and air beneath my feet

Seagulls cry out as sailfish swim


Coarse white hair covers the man’s jaw

He pulls bait from his hat’s rim


The small girl holds a smaller pole

Her voice as happy as a bird


Her fiery-orange hat

Shades her rainbow tie-dye shirt


Shells spread on white sand and twigs

Hungover from the night before 


The ug...

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Also by Candice Reineke:

Your Mind is Yours |

beachhumanitysocial contract

I Wish I Was

I don't want nights to end

I don't want days to begin

And I know I'll spend my entire life

Wishing I was six feet under

Crushed under water pressure

Old blood stains on the stone dirty alley

Bones and grit in places unrecognizable

Picture in the papers

40 words on a daily column

Wooden frame with pretty flowers

Tears of strangers

Hushers and whispers

A wall hang...

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For a long time now I’ve been more than comfortable with the targeted pop-up adverts thrown at me over the internet.  But whereas I once used to have my pick of Ukrainian beauties desperately seeking good-looking dudes like me for husbands, I now attract more age-related ads. – “Release Your Pension” and such like.

However I am even more appreciative of TV ads more recently doing the same.  Aft...

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Also by John Coopey:


Escape window-Aggression

Escape window- Aggression

Friday,25th Feb 2022

I feel concerned

at the turn of events

it presents the horrible face of the world

misery may emerge in quantities untold

people are running for safer shelter fold

are we free from slavery concept?

Are we prompt to offer the counter?

All the nations keep escape window open

add fuel to fire and aggravate the situation


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Also by Jadia4708au:

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Crumble and Fall

I never wanted to be like ridged things
I've seen them crumble and fall
Fractured and angry at their failure

Rather, like the trees
The branches sway and dance to meet the storms
The leaves fall and renew

They do this countless times
through the years
Until the fires come
And they will come

But I will gambol and spin
until the fires leave me ashes

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Wanderer | The Carpenter | Coffee With My Ex |


Life is like a feather

strong when it hugs

weak when it flies

rough when it falls

and soft when it leans in for a kiss.

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One Last Affair

I’m wearing blue, you’re dressed in red
lit by the dancing candle light
in the depths of some back table
at a late night poetry evening
Our only hope to stay safe tonight
is to keep this table between us

Some wily orator spills their guts
before the hallowed microphone
but all I care to know now
is do you smell as good as you look
Each of us wills the other to go too far
with a ‘what’...

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I know you think your life is over. I know you think you don’t deserve love. I’m here to tell you that you do. I’m here to Tell you that I love you. I wanna be there for you. I want you not to fret. Don’t take it personally, She's just startled by ur silhouette. I don’t see why. All I see is beauty. Is it ur sad eyes that makes her so afraid? Or is it just your quiet overthinking personality. Eith...

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Have we had our chips?

Even if this does prove

to be our last fish and chip supper,

even if it's technically 

just a pub lunch, 

if Vladimir the Poisoner

in a mad rage presses the button  

just because we don't admire

his rippling torso, just because

we laugh at his ugly Botox features,


before I perform in the am-dram

tonight, before we even rehearse

the lines one more time, then


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Also by Greg Freeman:

The carriage in the forest | Rehab |

Oh, Poor Life!

Life is as tear drops of the morning.
When the sun throws its warm kiss
Away to the drop,
It becomes an invisible entity.

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Also by Ujjal Mandal:

The Real Definition of Life |



Some days I imagine it might really happen:

an orifice oozing with ectoplasm,

Dorises with messages that we can’t fathom;

transmigration’s been the fashion since ages ago

when Buddhists could make it to the sixth Bardo

or lose their many selves in Limbo.

You don’t think so?

Of course, it’s never on the news, YouTube or Skype,

not the kind of repeats you see on both sid...

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Jake overcomes a gut obstruction

Jake was an alcholic,addicted to a variety of ales,

Jane noticed he was holding in his tummy while stood on the scales.

"Holding in your tummy isn't going to help you get a lower reading ,"Jane did say.

Jake answered,"But that's the only way I'm going to see how much I weigh."

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Vladimir the queer

Vladimir the queer 


" Oh Vladimir, Vladimir

Why did you do this my dear" 

Because I'm full of fear 

my dear I fear 

That Yes I'm a queer 

With a wooden strap on 

In place of my spear! 



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Take a thought bubble strip it of its skin

until it fills the whole space of your mind

examine its components


describe them in a palace of time

wrap those images in words write them on paper

you've captured that bubble in poetry. 


Walk away: it remains to nag you

with its shiny or tawdry ego

bursting with love or hate


but hopefully not indifference

for ...

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Also by ray pool:


The Sirens Ringing Out

The sirens are ringing out

Did I wake up to 1939?


Bits of paper waved in the air

As a bomb rips through a house


“we’ll hit them in their bank accounts”

But no statement can save a child’s life


The sirens ringing out

Wailing across a Kyiv square


A mother in Donetsk a sister in Odesa

A cold chill running down her spine


“It’s hopeless”


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Also by David R Mellor:

The slow tissue paper of lies |


Eye of the beholder

I read it as a child,

But forgot,

As I grew older,

Beauty lies,

In the eye of the beholder.


Stones – lifeless and rough

Shine and amaze him!

Peering at them like a master crafter,

Beauty lies,

In the eye of the beholder.


Old bottles, tinsel and glue,

Inspired by 5-min crafts

Focused on making the prettiest pen-holder

Beauty lies,

In the eye of th...

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Also by pallavitryingthings:

A Dog's Day |

More Real

If I feel it,

it's real.

If I taste it,

it's real.

If I love it,

it's real.

When I lose it - it's more real.

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Also by Bill Dodsworth:

Waking | The Mists of Being | Spanish Stillness | Conversations | La Faba - 2017 | Somewhere in Spain | The Market | Messages Lost | Camino Days |


Texting a Friend

A fleeting aura of the last ditch moment. A concrete thing of blood and bones feeling. Great not left unbroken. Unshackled to a doubted mind. A requirement has left you burning. Holes in books. The thing of warning. For grafting to the skin at night. Your life in venomous mourning.

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Also by Alita Moore:

Mid Month | slowly warming |



Herded down to the beach at ten

on a winter's morning

in thin white gym shorts as if our volition

came from his barking.

He claimed to have been a marine

and we were terrified,

with anaesthetised flesh

on the oily beach

strewn with bladder wrack

like something coughed up foul and green

and a pill box

full of trash and graffiti;

concrete obstacles from ...

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Also by john short:



You're a Goddess he said 

A sexual Goddess 

There's something about you that makes me obsess 

You own me he said 

In that way for sure 

The queen of my bed 

I can't take no more 

This power you hold and your sweet non intention 

Like a spell you control 

This whole new dimension 

Fantasy maybe

Closeness is tension 

Yes shy modest maybe 

Sex Goddess Lady 


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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


obsession?sexual goddessFantasygoddess

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