One Last Affair

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I’m wearing blue, you’re dressed in red
lit by the dancing candle light
in the depths of some back table
at a late night poetry evening
Our only hope to stay safe tonight
is to keep this table between us

Some wily orator spills their guts
before the hallowed microphone
but all I care to know now
is do you smell as good as you look
Each of us wills the other to go too far
with a ‘what’s the worst that could happen…’

You hold my eye as I sign your book
then you take my pen and fix my poem
before I fix yours
and we write a few as one
That story was complete but you seem certain
there’s another chapter waiting to be written

Do we turn the talk back to our art
or just devour each other whole
I’m caught between all that’s right
and all that we might do tonight
You purr "if we’re going to hell, let’s go together
it’s one last affair, one last affair, I swear…”

Your wrists wrap behind my neck
as my fingers knit into your hair
with wine stained lips we close the circuit
A pulse of poetry rips right through me
spread your pages, dip the nib
let's immortalise this feeling

Words swim in the air above our heads
they mix and tangle, knotted with emotion
It’s no longer clear whose poem is who’s
where yours ends and mine begins
And who can honestly say
where this night will take us

Like all affairs, we find ourselves
a mess of hearts and words
But if we’re going to hell
we’ll go together…



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keith jeffries

Mon 30th May 2022 21:58

Tantalising and full of imagery. " Do you smell as good as you look?" This line encapsulates the poem. Well written and well thought out.
Thank you for this

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Fri 25th Mar 2022 14:18

Ah thanks Stephen, really appreciate that. 😃 This is the trajectory of all poetry reading evenings, right?!

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 24th Mar 2022 22:20

Must have missed this, Tom. Book me in the next time you go to one of these poetry events! 😄. Superb as always

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Thu 24th Mar 2022 11:36

Ah thank you Nicola! Your comment brightened my morning. And thanks Jordyn for the extra like too 😀

Nicola Beckett

Tue 22nd Mar 2022 16:25

Wonderful poetry ❤

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Greg Freeman

Mon 28th Feb 2022 13:07

Tom, come and join us at Write Out Loud Woking on Zoom on Wed week (March 9)! Email me at to voice interest, and I'll send you the Zoom link, in due course.

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Mon 28th Feb 2022 10:42

John, thank you 😃 Glad you liked that suggestive but (I like to think) restrained imagery.

Greg, I've never been to a poetry night (can you tell?) but in my mind they all go this way. 😃 I have promised myself that in 2022 I'll not only attend one but also read a poem or two. Rather terrifying but should be a good experience I think. Maybe I'll try and meet some other WoL folk there too.

Thanks also to John, Aisha, Greg, Kim, Holden, Stephen, Julie and John C for reading and the 'likes' too. Much appreciated 😃

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John Botterill

Fri 25th Feb 2022 18:48

Fab Poem, Tom. Loved the imageri
"spread your pages, dip the nib"
Bravo! 😊

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Greg Freeman

Fri 25th Feb 2022 16:45

Blimey, Tom, this never happens to me at poetry nights! Mind you, it might be something to do with my age. Your poem should be widely shared to encourage greater attendance at open-mics. The power of poetry, eh ... ?

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