Burning Ashes

A name and a face, 

You had none but still a presence;

Lost in the sea of self justification but still alive, or breathing to say the least.


When the wrong and the right doesn't matter anymore

And when the strong and the weak both lost

I realised the wrongs and the loss and a loss and another one.


A new scar with tick of the clock

Appeared and disappeared but the pain, it lasts forever

And the memories you retain, will they die as easily?


Honesty, something you can't see,

Right before your closed eyes;

Ignorance, some how the words mean more than what they did before.


The prolonged interrogation 

Of my self absorbed mind, questions that doesn't make sense 

Answers you don't require, was it words that you needed? I guess we'll never know 


Or we knew it all along 


How late's too late?

How soon's too soon?

I guess we'll never know


Or we knew it all along


What's the voices trying to say?

Why am I trying to run away?

I guess we'll never know


Or we knew it all along 

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