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I know you think your life is over. I know you think you don’t deserve love. I’m here to tell you that you do. I’m here to Tell you that I love you. I wanna be there for you. I want you not to fret. Don’t take it personally, She's just startled by ur silhouette. I don’t see why. All I see is beauty. Is it ur sad eyes that makes her so afraid? Or is it just your quiet overthinking personality. Eith...

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I Guess

Guess you could say I feel empty without you

I don’t understand why u get mad when I get sad every time you leave. I guess you could say I’m kind of obsessed with you

I don’t mean to come off like a creepy stalker I just want to be with you always

I feel so lonely every time you leave 

 I feel so abandoned I just wanna cry 

I want to not care

I want to be happy for you

But I c...

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I keep finding myself thinking back to the day we met

It was April 23rd I believe

I thought my life was full

I thought my life had meaning

It wasn’t till I met you that I realized it was incomplete

         Now all I wanna do is show you i care and love you

Hopefully you feel the same way

I mean we’ve been together for almost 2 years now

       This ain’t much of a poem


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