4 Memories at the edge of Darkness

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Lost in the darkness
the dull on your campfire doesn’t pick up the bull
on the other side of the field
until it starts attacking your tent.

After the sun finally sinks
the apples on the trees carry an afterglow
almost like they are trying to give you
an extra chance to run away.


Filling your windowsill
the darkness covers your living room
as the light slips out of your grasp
and everything that made you happy.


We wait out a rainstorm
underneath an old oak tree
embracing each other in the darkness
hoping we would go home soon. 

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Andy N

Sun 27th Feb 2022 22:04

Thanks kJ, means a lot.. Wasn't planned this way must admit but sometimes the poems almost want you to do something different to what you planned.

Thanks also to Holden Moncrieff and Moonlight - means the world to me you enjoyed these (:

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kJ Walker

Tue 8th Feb 2022 09:24

Four poems which each work equally well, on their own.
But when they are together they become something even more.

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