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I don't like your colour,
Can't hear your noise
You cover streets in winter,
Keep my heart there,
In grey lands.
Let rivers overflow
And my heart sinking 
Into colourless melancholy. 
I want to be
At a sunny place.
I want to feel the golden light
And warmth on my skin.

©️ By Magical whispers 

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Meet Me In The Rain

Meet me in the rain

So I can explain

The sun’s gone 

And it’s been too long


I look at your pictures on the wall

I shouldn’t keep them up for too long

I miss the sound of you down the hall

So I avoid the sound of you at all


It’s as if the flood gates of heaven opened up from God’s weeping

Deep down I know it wasn’t you I should be keeping


But I needed yo...

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artistslost lovemeet againrain


The rain falls

My soul weeps


All the secrets that we keep

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Get Lost in the Pouring Rain

So feeble

we fumble

bodies tangling, intertwining

we get lost in the moment,

in the rush

drifting off to our own space


No time like the present

we’re looking for answers in the pouring rain


If you could get by

for one night

without looking for the answers


If you could

for one night

love me just the same


Everybody needs something

to j...

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