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I want to be pretty.

I don’t know what that means

I don’t know if it equates to the amount of free
Drinks I can flirt my way into, how many compliments
I get on my new dress as it swishes in the soft breeze.

I don’t know how many men need to want to touch me,
How many people need to be jealous of me, how many eyes 
Need to be on me.

I don’t know if it refers to the delicate purity ...

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Your Face Is So Charming (Hindi)

रूप तेरा मस्ताना,

जैसे छलकता पैमाना,

चूक न हमसे कोई हो जाए!


आँख नशीली, तू भी जवान है

आज नशे में दिल भी यहाँ है

होंठ तेरे यह मुझको बहकाये!


आँखों के नीचे, गाल गुलाबी

पास है तेरे हुस्न की चाबी

दांतों के बीच जो तू जीब दबाये!


किसका है तुमको यूँ इंतज़ार

बाहें पुकारे, आ मेरे यार

पहुंचे ठंडक जो गले से लगाये!


तेरी ही बातें हर कोई करता

तेरे लिए ही तो...

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Felt This For You!!

Ignored she was attention always went elsewhere,

Some said implicitly so some did explicitly so.

Mind is strange and plays games more than often

Triggering the unrest,

This time at its best and the stand did soften

It’s the rise of another jewel,

In the essence of womanhood a pure marvel.


Cords connect, so do eyes and so does mind

The restlessness has come to a standst...

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beautiful womanpretty

Planet Earth

entry picture

You're so violently pretty

with that flower on your hat

You're so arrogant and sweet

it stops me from catching breath


How could universe had chosen me

to sew it's starlit magic net?

When I hold you - we fly

back home to Planet Earth

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Pretty Homeless

Pretty homeless.
Her caramel complexion told not the stories she did not tell,
Nor did I ask.

No bucked teeth,
No smack-banged jitters
mixed with incoherent stutters...
but beauty in the most surprising of places.

Piccadilly Gardens on a sunny Mancunian afternoon
the busy city stands in shock
at the thought that anything can happen.

Without the badge such beauty w...

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