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she's so pretty

I watch you with her,

I’m stupid for caring,

I watch you with her,

Gosh she’s so pretty,

It’s not fair,

Her hair,

Her eyes, her smile,

She drowned you,

She pulled you in,

I’m scared you’re stuck in her trap,

But gosh she’s so pretty,

On the outside and within,

I see why you fell for her,

It would be so easy,

I wish you would fall for me,

I understand th...

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comparisonprettynever meHeartbreakgirlgirlhood

180 days

girls are mean,
boys are jerks,
there's popular groups,
and then you have flirts,
so many flags,
kids who are treated as punching bags,
be careful who you trust,
only tell if you must,
don't let it bottle up inside,
make sure no one sees you cry,
good luck,
because school can be tough sometimes.

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half a boomerang

you were the one I called when I was crying,
the one I texted when I thought I was dying,
the one I wanted to see on a bad day,
you made all my troubles go away,
then it all tore apart,
I sat there and cried in the dark,
I waited for your text,
just a simple "hi",
finally you come back,
trying to walk into my life,
I'll never look at you the same,
the memories starting to fade,
you'll ...

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stranger in the mirror

sure I have a "pretty" face,
my clothes are new,
friends make it great,
my mind is a blur,
thoughts running through my head,
every time I blink I see a new list,
of why they hate me,
how I'll never fit in,
or all the reasons they pretend,
I sit here at night trying not to cry,
staring in the mirror til I believe it's all right.

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scattered constellations

the walls are crashing,
my head is banging,
I hear them in the back laughing,
my pants too big,
my stomach too chunky,
why should I care?
I don't compare to the accepted chicks,
the ones with perfect hips,
straight teeth, clear skin,
I have jagged fingertips,
my cheeks are bare,
my lashes staggered,
all my feelings are shattered,
why would he choose me? 
he would never choose me,

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where we once stood

can’t you see it in my eyes?
can’t you tell by my face?
i romanticized the idea of you,
putting you on a pedestal,
we were surrounded by people but alone,
everyone thought we were incredible, 
but i could tell by the tone,
of your voice,
by the look,
in your eyes,
your perspective was changing,
and so was mine,
scared to be alone with you,
felt alone next to you,
now alone without yo...

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april showers bring may flowers

I tried to wait,
But new flowers grow where the old ones die,
I didn’t want to move on,
But the sun involuntarily started to shine,
I lost myself searching for you,
But the fire eventually went out,
The dark smoke turned into wind,
I no longer needed to dwell on my feelings within,
New flowers grow where the old ones die,
Even if the soil needs to cry
Something beautiful can still arise


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naturemoving on

spoken like lovers

we were just friends,
that spoke like lovers,
and that seemed to be enough,
for two people scared to love one another,
awkward tension as I stare,
silently begging you to care,
shoving all my feelings deep inside,
denying to my friends you’re the one I like,
holding eye contact as we’re serving,
it would never work,
still that doesn’t mean we couldn’t try,
but until then...

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