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In Bloom.

The past reverberates through me in the present

stains my clothes pungent.

At fifteen, a boy stole the solace of the dark from me

in his bed

with his hands.

Now when he touches me,

he must keep the lights on.


In sleep the past has me,

travels upwards, claws at my throat

and I cry out

for the dark to let me in.


At twenty, the boy who stole the solace of my...

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The Flower One Day

The Flower One Day / Michael Kwack



While I was not out,

The flower bloomed.


That will fall,

While I do not look,


The flower of love.


One day,


The heart will fall.

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in rivers of right they spawn

eggs already torn and bent

that grow deprived of dawn

to salve and heal their rent


and battered by a rusty flail

to a state not unlike trance

a polka spinning them pale

to a hapless agony of dance


chalking symbols onto slate

a scratch makes evil mute,

silent observances of hate

doomed flora lacking root


sometimes they...

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Why does the rose BLOOM?

Ujjal Mandal, West Bengal, India

Why does the rose BLOOM? 

Rose blooms to show
Her elegance to the soft hearts
Of love like her mild petals.
O, let's bloom like the rose.

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A flower in bloom

How tall you have grown
in such a short space of time,
the sun’s rays warmed your nascent leaves
and the cloud’s tears nourished
your newly sprouting roots
strengthening your place in the rich earth.
How you flourished spreading your
green flightless wings to the heavens
knowing that one day a beautiful bloom
would be your crowning glory.

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