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Must be cool

It must be cool to be in a band

Everyone says so

The adoration from the crowd

It shouldn't really be allowed


We're all idols in our own time

But some need more 

Time after time

While ever rotting at the core


Musicing is now a verb

But it always has been hasn't it?

Plucking, strumming and picking

It hardly warrants any thinking 


I find it an ever d...

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unachievable dreams

didn't wake up with the intention of being bad

I don't know why there's a pit in my stomach when no one is dead

run around my house and verbally beat up my dad

the screams sound bloodshed


he says, "there's so much you wanna do" 

and i obvert my eyes

wait around for a mental break-through

and make unachievable plans doing the highs


i wanna be a savior

and get th...

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