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scary night sounds

scary night sounds



he hears the night woods

soft sounds as well as scary


different from day woods


he lies in his cold bed

in cold room

hears frozen trees

grinding against each other

in the cold night wind

a hard unpleasant sound


hears distant sounds

far away in the hills

is it the sound of a wolf

or a coyote seeking a mate



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summer nights 1950s

summer nights 1950s


curtains hang lifeless

awaiting breeze that does not come

whippoorwill sings 

hot and sweaty song 

it doesn’t feel like singing


boy hears whistle’s blast 

of a night train 

slowly crawling its way

through the country side

breaking the silence at each crossing


ambulance sirens scream

through hot night air

transporting wounded


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boycountryhot nightsimpotentsouth

afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark

but only at night


brave during

the light of day


very brave


afraid of nothing

except a nest of

ground hornets

or poison ivy


at night he would


run in the dark


always afraid of

what was following


never thinking

about what might

be ahead


he did not want

anyone t...

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A Bell and a Boy

There's a big iron bell on the roof of the barn
that is used to call men from wherever they are:
from the fields, from mending the fences
from tending the cows in distant pastures.

There's a boy who likes adventure,
to find interesting places and things.
He likes to explore different places alone,
to go wherever he will near home.

Call him home from the forest, farm bell.
Call him bac...

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Dream Boat

Let the dreamless boy to cry 
If his wish to fly has gone 
How his tears going to dry 
If he stays far of sun

Ask dreamless boy be awake 
That the dream, is a part of us 
Tell him: "think of a better talk" 
And to change the dark glass 

Help dreamless boy to be here 
And clear his negative thought 
Once he comes to hear or share 
He will enjoy to dream in a boat 


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ask awakebetterboychangeclearcomecrydreamdreamlessdryenjoyflyglassgogonehelpherenegativepartsailsharestaysuntalktearstellthinkthoughtwith


Temporary wounds did form,

Above the ones I had ignored.

And the thoughts you had bestowed in me,

Are nothing but a memory.


Where you were weak, he is so fierce,

And where you lack, he comes in first.

The boy I thought I craved before,

Is nothing but a closing door.

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Chapter 25: Supernova

I usually don't do stuff like this

Singing little cute melodies

Over a honey tune on my guitar

In front of an electric crowd.


I don’t know if anyone felt this before

That simple moment when you realize that you’re in love

Because there was nothing to gain

And that didn't matter.


You are the bearer of all that is beautiful

But I don’t mean beautiful in a traditi...

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Chatper 24: Melody

What's that sound?

Is it a heartbeat?

A hummingbird singing?

It’s the sound of the crowd singing along with me.


It's so beautiful.

Like keys to a piano.

I can hear the crowd screaming “Hey, sing louder now,"

I have to show them what it’s like to be in love.


I have been living behind these four walls that I called my mind

Surrounded by uneasy thoughts and panick...

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boygirlsinging songsStage

Chapter 23: The Beginning of Feeling Infinite

There’s an idea that every person has to live their lives

And then make the choice to share it with other people

Maybe that is what makes people "participate”

Maybe that is what makes people feel loved


I never been good at sharing with others

But you and I share something special

Something sacred

Something infinite


I don’t want you to simply be my crush


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Chapter 21: Find You

I never cared about my smile before

But that change when I met you

A wicked sensation went through my soul

And from there, Cupid began to work his magic


We were two strangers from different worlds

I saw your lovely face and asked to sit next to you

You spoke in the most cutest voice

Sending me in a trance of honey butterflies


I’m writing again now

But every lin...

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boyloveMoving forward

Chatper 19: Secret Ingredient

Riding this same old bus again

The same bus where we first met

I like to pretend that I forgot all about you

But the reality of the situation is, you’re still on my mind


I just listen to the music

Write some words down

Breathe in the day

And remembered things


Things like us walking around the neighborhood

And looking at the houses and the lawns

And the color...

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boyMissing her

Chatper 17: Hope

And just like that she is gone

Disappearing into the night like a ghost

I don’t know what went wrong

I just know that my heart can barely breathe


I’m walking along in the dark again

I can feel a cold front coming in

I can feel it in the breeze

But the cold won't bother me tonight


The adventures that we had are now just stories

Memories that won’t leave my mind


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Chapter 16: I've Got A Bad Habit of Making Boys Cry

I wish he didn’t look at me like that

With those gentle eyes of his

He thinks I’m some heroine laced in gold

But he can’t see through my poor disguise


Please don’t fall in love with me I tell him

I've got a bad habit of making boys cry

I’ll break your heart

And you don’t deserve that kind of fate


I'm not your perfect picture

I’m not your favorite song

I’m no...

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Chatper 15: A Little More Comfortable

A sweet late Friday summer night

The moon making love to the stars

A caramel spice in the atmosphere

Just her and I and the space between us


Sitting against a marvelous oak tree

With her silver guitar in hand

Singing a sugarcoated song

About the wonders of the universe


My heart melts so tenderly

At the sound of every chord

A smile gleams on her face

As th...

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Chapter 14: Coffee Shop

He takes me to his favorite hiding place

A cute little coffee shop on Sam Houston Ave

Where he is going to perform stand up poetry

I am excited to see this different side of him


He takes the stage like a dancer about to perform

With a notebook full of words and an arsenal of wits

It’s opening night and he’s there in the spotlight

Like a flower blooming in the sun rays


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boygirlperformance poetry

Chapter 13: Dreams Only Last For the Night

Looks like I’m dreaming again

But this is not like my normal dreams

Filled with demons and darkness

Instead, I see angels and light


I see you standing there

Reaching for the stars

Little that do you know

That you’re brightest star of them all


Painting sky the with your music

Using your baton as a paintbrush

Bringing everything that is beautiful to life


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boythinking while dreaming

Chapter 12: Believe

Driving back home after a long night of dancing

He’s soundly asleep in the car, living out his dreams

Where he can fly high as clouds in the sky

Or swim in the deepest of the blue seas


It's an odd feeling

Helping someone find themselves

Or maybe I was helping to find myself

Such a strange situation


Honestly, I’ve just been avoiding everything

And I feel like a ...

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Chapter 11: Dancing Has Never Been So Rock and Roll

She takes me to this ancient dance club

Not the one you see in hip hop or country music videos

Something more calm but energetic at the same time

I was entering a whole different world


Everyone is swinging away to cosmic tunes

Body senses being lost within intergalactic beats

People feet becoming slaves to the sound of the music

The language that they understand now is da...

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boygirlmusic and dancing

Chapter 10: Destination Succes

Well, we're a long walk from the city lights

As we’re driving in this summer heat

I smell the scent of adventure in the air


Put up or shut up, we're not wasting time

We got this big city dream that won’t stay asleep

This four leaf clover is gonna change everything


“Girl, where are we going?” he says me

Oh, Boy you’ll know when we get there

As my words spin like a ...

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boygirlroad trip

Chapter 9: Driving Into Infinity

I look at her like she is crazy

But maybe a little craziness is what I need

It’s a big, bad world out there

And she is not scared of it at all


We hop in her car like we’re on a mission

Turn the keys as far they can go

The engine roars like a howling monster

Ready to be set free from it’s cage


Driving down on complex roads

As the sun is blazing over the horizons


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boygirlroad trip

Chapter 8: Come With Me

It’s the boy from the bus again

He seems so alone in his mind

I don’t know him at all

But I need to do something about this


I grabbed him by the hand

Look him in the eyes and say

I want to take you on an adventure with me

Where we can get away from these city lights


An awesome journey

Of just two people

Discovering the true meaning of life and music



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Chapter 7: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I wake up to get dressed

Try to look my best for no one

To walk down these roads

Of unreachable dreams


Every street name reminds me

Of everything I failed to be

Why couldn't I be a Sliver Hawk

Instead I'm a Wild Hawk, falling from the sky


Maybe I should take a dive in the lilywood spring

But oh, how can I forget

I sink in water like a rock


Oh, Look h...

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Chapter 5: Moment of Reflection

Sitting here in my messy room

Staring at these broken windows

Watching the world passing me by


Every day I see kids running around

With laughter in their hearts

Not a care in the world

I wish I could be like that


To be as free as the sweet wind

But instead I live here in my mind

A hopeless slave to my thoughts


I wish I had the courage to be myself


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Chapter 4: Girl Meets Boy

He seems so stoic with those hardened brown eyes
Dirty mirrors that haven’t been clean in years

Like, He has so much he wants to say

But doesn’t know how to say it


An awkward introvert living alone

In a fantasy world that he created from poetry

His lips rarely make a move                       

His voice is heard from his poems


A hint of obscurity surrounds him


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Chapter 3: Boy Meets Girl

So there we were, playing the staring game

She looked at me with those honey hazel eyes

Like she was trying to look into my soul

Or something weird like that


“Are you going to stare at me all day or take a seat?”

She asked me in the sassiest of voices

For most people this would be a turnoff

For me, this was quite refreshing


We sat there together in total silence


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Chapter 1: The Boy

Another day brings just another headache

A normal occurrence in my frantic life

Just a lonely star in the universe

Who dreams of being loved


Looks like I’ve been living in my head again

That explains why my brain is trying not to think

I just want everything to stop spinning for a moment

But moments are so hard to come by these days


So I’ve decided to pick up this...

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