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Eternal Field

I one time dreamed a dream wherein I walked within an open field,

where every step a memory was, and every breath was poignant filled.


I saw each day I ever lived, they all bled slowly into one.

Each opportunity to give now stood a moment left undone.


I saw each thing I ever owned and tried so hard to justify,

but every effort woeful fell and I was left to wonder why.


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The Reason

This is the reason I do what I do.

A rhyme, a song in shades of blue.

Connections made to a million ties.

The longing stare of a million eyes.


Peering out from the darkness, soul by soul.

Bound by the sound of every note.

Bound by the beat of the rhythmic drum.

Bound by the voice of the chosen one.


Chosen to carry the weight of them all.

Chosen to suffer, chos...

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Timeless Chill

Granite grandeur draped in snow,

soft whisper falls, clear water flows.


No hand extends to measure time,

no cares ascend, no worries find.


For purpose fades into the still,

a tranquil peace here in the chill


What part of time and space am I?

So small beneath the endless sky,


a spec of dust, a grain of sand…

yet cradled in the Master’s hand.

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The Burning Dawn

When the grip of our being obstinate clutches On the edge of a looming spiral. When escorting a change thrust A cluster of barbarous knives against us. We deal with this to accomplish A sense of pride in us, For what we usually ponder about, For what we usually act about, The Burning Dawn admires us.


When the solemn mind captivates one In showing what extremes it achieved, Just a look at ...

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