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Country file

Lets open up the country file

Lets find a place to go

Get up close to nature

Weather sun or rain or snow

Valley, lake or mountain

There is beauty all around

Yorkshire dale or Lake District

The jewels in Britain’s crown.

Lets get up close to nature

Lets go and explore

On foot or bike or horse back

In land or by the shore

England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales


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a wild horse 
which is free
free to go 
to go everywhere
to run away
or to stay
in the eyes 
your eyes
crossed mine
you are my rider
the person whom my heart
chose to not live without
I admire
you make it tame
my heart is not as wild as it was
I feel each step
the mud
the grass
the sand
the snow
through my hooves
the hard hooves
which were infrangible
I thought 

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Sunrise creeping, daylight peeping,

All is silent, all are sleeping.


Alarm clocks whirring, stables stirring,

Dogs start scratching, cats lie purring,


Voices rising (some surmising),

Smell of coffee - appetising.


Harness jingling, senses tingling,

Sweat and horse-breath intermingling.


Race day thrilling, people milling,

Horses happy, k...

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