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Sometimes I find myself in a place

where you and I were once

together and I am overcome

by the memories of what

we once were.

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Lost at sea a battle against dementia and me

When i look into your eyes 

I know your still there somewhere inside 

And as each passing day 

Goes by I know another part of your memory dies 

But you won't remember the goodbyes and it's hard not to sit here and cry 

Because your trapped inside 

All The confusion the conclusion

That your drifting away 

Well  I know  that ships don’t stay long at bay 

And will soon be h...

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Your seven.

Walking hand in hand

Your seven.

Wide eyes.

Big world.

Small warm hand

Reaches for and

Buries in my paw.

Mans hand, callouses and oil.

But still fists full of love.

Protection and love.

We kick leaves.


Golds and reds.

Asphalt coated

In browns and beauty.

The leaves fly up

Whirl and flow


Unplanned patterns.

Stick to our shoes


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