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The Bard of the Rydal Mount and Tagore

We need Wordsworth
To save our beautiful earth
Who found God in Nature
And worshipped the creature
He grasped humanity as his own
For which he was born.
We need Tagore
In today's moment of horror
He taught how to conquer over fear
Here and there we can hear
The shrill cry of hungry vultures
The blood-eater creatures.
Tagore showed human love
How to weave it like a dove
He knitted the...

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A grey shade in the cottage shadows

a paw lick of sinuous silence

a tail flick of smoke

a pounce on time's toll


Like a smoke devil escaped the chimney

she inhabits the lounge at night

never settling

she drifts across the hearth


Like the umbral weight of her past

she settles beyond my sight

I sense only the leak

of light left by her passing


Like th...

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Time Machine

Pictures are simply moments frozen in time!
They make it possible for us to travel through time. 

Our own personal time machine but we can only catch a glimpse of the past, they have no way of telling us what the future may hold.

Relics of time and space, intergalactic instruments if you will, propelling us from one reality to the next. I wonder what stories all these pictures would tell, i...

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Love in a paper bag

I remember running 

To the corner shop

A 10p mix-up 

Is what I got!


Exotic pineapple

In sugary cubes

Mixed in with 1p

and ½ penny chews!


There were Hearts of love

With messages wrote 

To give to those

Who floated your boat


Liquorice laces!

Hubba Bubba too

So you could blow pink bubbles

As big as me and you!

(OK, so that might be 

a ...

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