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rigorous exercise, training my mind
the center of my world, I give you my due diligence
love to watch me write by candle light, would you guide my hand and evoke my true penmanship

law of attraction, I cast it out, and ask around
I question myself, then take affirmative action
groundbreaking truths shatter walls, somebody hand me my protractor
searching the sea floor and tapping the wel...

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entry picture

The girl begins to unfold like a snake

unfurling itself from it's resting place. 

The arch of her foot, the ringlety hair,

the smooth skin that's yet to be shed.

She emits her stellar energies now.

Her unconscious is blissfully sleeping. 

Then they start to tout, with their sales.

Girls on the front of magazines, exposed.

The innocents look on in suspicion.

Is this what ...

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I know a girl who is such a babe.

She walks down the street looking really cool,

not caring who looks at her ample curves.

You can’t have her coz she is mine

but I don’t mind you looking

but please don’t touch.

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