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Sycophant milquetoast
running from your brown nose
   Everyone superior
   looked down on in the mirror
Apologetic worm
undeserving of a turn
to be clearly heard

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Yes, a mandatory retirement age in Congress

I believe it's time has arrived

We will base the age on FDR's fireside chat

And if you heard the broadcast live

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The earth's temperature will increase 1 degree this century

For climatologists this is the sum of all their fears

It was 15 to 18 degrees hotter on earth for the dinosaurs

Then again, they only lasted 200 million years

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Made arrangements to go away for my anniversary

Which then did render a thought

Does my wife really enjoy vacationing with me

Or am I her last resort

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At age 80 Harrison Ford makes another adventure movie

I guess the storyline is acceptable

Although, Indiana Jones can now only enter caves

If they are handicap accessible

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Georgia, when submitting digital driver's license pictures

Please wear clothes when due

The word mirror should be the only time

We use phrase, rear view

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Displayed on my dentist office wall, "A smile is a whisper of a laugh"

I quietly sit there in intending doom

It is meant to be a soothing thought

While screaming seeping from another room

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Bobi the oldest dog in the world just turned 31

Still his favorite thing to do is to ride in the car

Also loves to bark at children to get off his lawn

And he'll fetch bones if he remembers where they are

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Great Britain has a terrible squirrel problem

Now animal control blames budget cuts

British scientists working on a contraceptive pill

Since trying to neuter them, is just nuts

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Did you know that octopus can run on land like a cat

Now I know people like their taste

But what ablout betting on them in a speed contest

Now that is a real arms race

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The Flat Earth Society is looking to grow in popularity

Althouigh their ideas you may scoff

Going to the ends of the earth to find supporters

Since membership has fallen off

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Unfortunately, there is a large doctor shortage

New medical students, just not there

Especially proctology, gynecology, ears, nose and throat

There are several openings here

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girl like me

a girl like me will meet a boy she loves and instead of loving them,

she will think only of the words she will use to describe them, 

when she writes a poem that night.

i am not ashamed of my soul that i bear whenever i open it.

a girl like me will write about every person she encounters,

and hope that for some reason they stumble upon it,

and spend the rest of their life wonderi...

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poemgirlhoodgirlpoetpoetrywritingproseshortstoryfeminismself lovewriter


"i know how to walk from here to there" 

okay, i muse back, 

"so walk through fires with me, walk through" 

i cant. i never have been able to. 

the places that i walk from are the mouths of cavernous houses. 

and from them ive only just realised i can leave.

"i will give you wings and a heart and a lust for the finer things"

good, i need an incentive.

"but you must act upon...

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poempoetrypoetpoemswritingnon fictionfictionshortshort storyteenageamateurgirlhood20awesomegoodsad

big girls don't cry except when it is absolutely not the right time to do so.

am i hungry or has the pit returned.

that stupid fucking pit.

its an eternal loop, circling in and out of itself.

floating dead centre in my gut.

particles of another girl explode and expand out of it, 

overcome by this strange girl from the strange world.

i weep on my mothers lap, 

i retch over porcelin, patterned.

seeing my sister for the first time in weeks, 

she glow...

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poetpoetryprosepoemspoken wordanxietypanicpanic attackfictionnon fictionshortshort storystoryteenageteenage poetryamateur poetry

lost my way

my soft soles patter over the cold slates that make up the maze of halls im scurrying through.

i am on an adventure, a treacherous journey,

to retrieve a single key for a locked door ive been trying to batter down my entire life.

there are others, winding their ways through the spiralling turrets.

sometimes we even fall in unison, 

our shoes hitting the same beats, on the same beate...

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poemproseshort storystoryshortpoetpoetry

girls and their nonsense.

floating in that acrid pool of nothingness, 

a feather kissed the tip of my nose and whispered softly over my face.

in that moment, decided. 

i watch the village of women who surround me each day, 

awash with a soft awe at their mossy eyes and woolen hands. 

i link arms with the girl i love most on a late night walk, 

running from the boy who asked me to give apart of myself.


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the day I decorated one side of my wall

on the day i decorated one side of my wall, 

there was a statue that fell with a crash, 

and cratered the ground. 

a statue whos golden plaque was read aloud to me as a child. 

and on the day i decorated one side of my wall, 

with the movie quotes, 

and the pretty people, 

on that day my eyes bruised themselves silly. 

my pockets full of hours, and grief. 

non violent pu...

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prosepoetrypoetwritingpoemnon fictiontruthfulstoryshort storyshortmoderngirlhood


"The state of living, or having objective reality"
Living is Existence
What is Existence
Not the ice sculpture
Not the photo shopped, picture perfect version plastered on the smuck white dictionary pages
What is it to you
Existence is I, composing these words so exact and sharp as the silence sliding off the snake's tongue
As it is to you, as your eyes dissect each letter and sti...

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A Cooks Wish

Praise me if you wish

For yesterdays dish

The meal you did not finish

The sauce your spoon would not tarnish

The dinner you did not touch when it was fresh

Saying now this dish smells of Melville's fish

Do not consume the meal when the chef's gone to bed

Pay me no compliments after the dogs are fed

Who wants recognition after they’re trodden;

After they are gallows led?


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poetryshortshort poem

Scattered Minds

A scattered mind,

Isn't to hard to find,

Especially if it's mine,

Is insanity such a crime?

We don't have much time,

Don't be like your dad,

I hear,

Do you think it's a fad?

I wonder,

Does blood really stain?

Or do you think this judgement is simply too vein?

Let me reign,

I'll take away the pain,

I'll stick listening to my brain,

And leave your bleeding h...

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Men’s true measure((Ben Jonson)/Translation in Amharic/Alem/የሰው ትክክለኛ መስፈርት

It is not like a tree
In bulk doth make man better be,
Or standing long an oak, three hundred year
To fall a log at last, dry, bald and sere,
A lily of a day
Is fairer far in May,
Although it fall and die that night—
It was the plant and flower of light.
In small proportions we just beauties see
And in short measures life may perfect be.//

የሰው ትክክለኛ መስፈርት

እንደዛፍ መግዘፍ
ሠውን አያደርገውም...

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Short and Sweet

When I regard the short and sweet,

That perfect crossroad given life--

And since the two so seldom meet--

I like to stop and stay awhile.


For what observer could protest

To cherishing a fleeting thing,

And wishing it to stop and rest,

To hold it up and hear it sing?


But recognize its fading glow,

The moment one's excitement peaks,

Then turn around and let it...

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shortsweetfleeting momentsbeauty

Do All Dogs go to Heaven?
















Do all Dogs

go to Heaven?

I sure hope

It's true.

Cause when I

get to Heaven

I want to be

there with you.


You are gone

now but

for a

short while.

When I see

you again

I'll have a

big smile.


I'll sit upon

the ground

while you run

that crazy little circle.



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