How many tears can one girl cry?


it depends on the lie...


The world is often not what it seems

Broken hearts

Broken dreams


How many tears can one girl cry?


What seems real is often make believe

a part of the truth but not complete

My heart is often not considered

I am real and my heart beats


Beauty is skin deep

The heart is deeper


How many tears can one girl cry?


I am not a basket or a vase

I am not for purchase or for sale

My tears are salty like all others...


Only part of the truth was told

Only one picture given

not all


How many tears can one girl cry?


The ice cream man and blue eyes were the lies

they broke my heart

For them I cry


I need to be free

For some day the truth may come to my door

It may hold me in it's arms

and wipe away my tears


How many tears can one girl cry?


She can cry


         a river...


By Lynn Hahn






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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 21st Dec 2016 15:26

I like the idea of this. To be honest, I think the first thirteen lines strike hard and deep, and the poem could effectively jump right to the final two lines. Although the 'ice cream man and blue eyes' is a very intriguing image.

It's a strong, universal and personal subject you have shared. Keep writing.

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