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The Uncertain Journey


All along the railed paths from Regents Park to Notting Hill,

we feel the gaze of those long passed whose sightless eyes are on us




Through the Parks of Royal note St James up to Marble Arch,

we tread the lawns as lowly folk and take our pause as Soldiers




Beneath broad streets unpaved of gold from Camden Town to Bethnal Green,

we transi...

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Thank you


These dunes have been draped with flesh,

some on summer days surrendering to lovers

some under the gun by blood brothers.

The days between then and now are in the sand,

each footprint, each drop of joy and blood still here.

Children rush the shoreline chased by foamy waves.

We built monuments and carved men’s names

where beautiful children share happy games.



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World History

One struggles beneath the ever-bearing hand of tyranny.

One rises up in revolution, wanting to be free.


One gives his life a soldier so the rest might live in peace.

One celebrates in freedom as they cheer throughout the streets.


One starts his life from nothing but is free to make his way.

One has more than his father at the ending of the day.


One worked for very ...

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historyworld historyfreedom cyclecollapse of freedomgiving up freedom


Dim lit, damp and distant corner

torn from dream of vapor’s fold.

Slow descent to worlds divided,

nothing hot and nothing cold.


Long ago this soul forgotten,

cast off in the ides of youth.

Un-forgiven deeds left hiding

beneath the stone of burden’s proof


Wait to see if fate redeems her.

Wait to hear if time repeals.

Sentence passed down just to mar her.


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historyreligionoppressionfalse religion

history in the making

a wise history is a wise,
decision in the making
a wise decision is a wise,
point of decision
in the making is in the making, 
of a wise sense
history is a sense of history

a galaxy is a decision in the making
a galaxy is history in the making
a wise sense is a wise sense of history
a galaxy is a wise sense of history
history is a fact of history
history is a wise fact
a wise fact i...

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Time Travellers - 1775

Tread gently beneath the fragile fanlight

With its curving carved ribs

framing rippling glass


Glance up to the Venetian arch with its Canaletto morning sky

And the uncoiled mahogany staircase

Treads echoing to the creak and clatter of murmurous ghosts


Peel the plaster skin from the wall

Withies within, woven by dead fingers

Stiff reeds droop with the stilled pro...

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