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You’re a girl like no other ’cause of what you are.

It’s not your fault that you got scared,

cry at night or get so lonely in a crowd.

Everyday you ask the same two questions:

Why me? And when will they come for me?

You get flashbacks of blinding pain and flashing strobe lights.

So when the aliens abduct you and you feel it before it happens, you wish for death.

Can no one see the alien ship as you float through your roof up to it?

No one believes you when you say you’re an abductee –

aliens don’t exist, they say – they’re just in our minds.


girlaliensflying saucerufoliestruth before you is invisiblepain


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nick armbrister

Mon 31st Oct 2011 13:33

indeed, fact or fiction? do we want to know the truth?


Sat 29th Oct 2011 16:42

Hmm - interesting read this Nick, abductions phenomenon or fact! Jury still out I guess except to the lady in your poem and some of course say even Ezekiel was an abductee.

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