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GOD Bless

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Surely, I'm not happy 
To lose the best friend 
It is true, not funny 
"GOD" put the final end 

Certain hour, of the day 
Whatever we are or where 
We have to say Goodbye 
"GOD" is kind and fair 

No one plans to die 
No one remains forever 
No When , Where or WHY? 
Let's pray, no suffer

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Set my heart free of chain
Don't break my heart again
Live your world keep me alone
I regret to be yours at all.

Since we met on that "…." Day 
You're still acting the play 
How to believe yourself today 
since you're hiding your goal. 

God helps guilty to regret
But you decided and insist 
Only to make mistakes a lot 
Now get ready to stop or fall.

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Simply Says

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Simple Girl, frankly, says: 
“Life is simple without lies”. 
Lies are always complicated, 
And TRUTH, surely, will rise. 


Simple Girl's heart is warm, 
And brain is normally calm. 
Thinks for her shiny future, 
Happily, without windy storm. 


Simple Girl believes in God. 
Says always a faithful word, 
And purely behaves in life, 
As human does always good. 

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