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I’m pretty sure there were tulips in her eyes,

I shouted “Fire! Fire!”,

She took off her sunglasses,

She saw sunrise.


Now I know it, there was a darling rose in her blush,

A honey dew in her stare

But they told me “beware, beware!”

“Have you not been warned of ‘primrose way’?”


Now I felt it, there were dandelions on her lips…

Make a wish, make a wish!

Daisy chains in her hair, we were pulling petals,

They made us kiss.


Now I promise it, there were hollies in her affections -

Beautiful, comforting to behold!

Until to touch, oh to touch

And I felt my roots shudder…


Like her love might be built by thorns,

Her kisses lifted by rotting branches,

Seeds growing from a decaying soil,

Promised to never bloom.


Now I swear it, there were sticky weeds rooted in her touch,

Vine leaves that grew from her fingers.

poisin ivy that coiled around my throat,

And there was a reminder, a little prickle…


I’m pretty sure there were nettles in her eyes.

I shouted her name,

I shouted her name all night

But she’d taken flight, she’d taken flight.


All that was left behind,

Little pieces of pollen scattered on the floor,

On the door of every flower, shrub, tree, plant, weed….

She visited my garden no more.


broken heartflowersfooledgirlinsectlovemetaphorplayedpromiscuoussex

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Fri 12th Aug 2016 18:33

?! Thank you so much for your comments everyone

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Ryan Alexander Monteith

Thu 11th Aug 2016 19:09

A wonderful tale of raw, tentative passion between two women. Fantastic work as ever, Alexandra.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 11th Aug 2016 07:42

This is a clever concept Alexandra. V3 and V7 easily the best for me.
Although it sounds like a rite of passage thing, it could equally apply to the loss of a friend or her friendship etc.

<Deleted User> (15871)

Sat 6th Aug 2016 13:05


I especially like the line 'there were dandelions on her lips'; I interpreted it as meaning either your persona regards her as being a magical being as people often make wishes whilst blowing on dandelions; or that the woman is a free spirit who doesn't remain with one person for long. Love your use of nature metaphors!

Rachel :)

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Stu Buck

Thu 4th Aug 2016 19:17

lovely. a great use of metaphor and a killer first and last line that bookends the piece really well. lyrically mystical and tinged with barbarism, quite like the plant of the title. clever and well written.

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