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Big Scars

she was always an enigma,

her hurts stayed in reserve,

a woman of terra incognita,

a rare mistress of swerve


its been ten years by now,

and I'm still in the dark,

tantalised out of my wits,

more blissful than a lark


for the years reveal layers

that take away my breath,

novel undug virgin strata

a world away from death


its living is her catchword,


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big scarsdiamondenigmagalaxy. Sphinxskullstarstrata

Grisly Girl

Someone's sowed pins and needles into her lips.

To kiss her now will pierce your tongue and numb your mouth.
This is the smile that cuts,
Tears deep, tears the tears apart
The eyes that fixate on her lips,
The ears that listen to her voice.
This is the mouth that eats.
It eats, eats, eats away at your flesh
Till there's nothing left,

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