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In Real Life

Those stories we swap
in the heat of the night
Those secrets we share
on the cool mattress springs
Beyond the ears of the world
the prying eye of the sun
that’s where you’ll feel
our friendship in full flight

In real life
In real life

Those laughs that catch us
loose and disarmed
in a parked car at the riverside
Those conversations deep
that push through to the bone
binding our ...

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We lose each other once in a while
We find ourselves in others
most of the time
We may meet some, fresh living and brand new
Forget about the ones we lost, completing one another

Or, on the contrary, at times
We meet again - how different
Forget about the new ones
And turn our faces to the bits of ourselves
we have missed in each other

We live through people
I live through you all
You ...

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Explaining you about my sexuality won't help
Explaining you about my existence won't help
Thought you are my buddy, will get me without explaining much.
I am just a bit different, can't you get this much.

I know you have a life partner to share all your tensions,
And wanted me to be happy, and feel all that emotions,
But I am happy just by myself,
You again and again telling me what to do...

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