The haunting of a broken tap: drip, drop

The thirst after the sun: drink, gulp

She never said a lot, gargling girl

Sliding in and out of my body

Helping me breathe, walk, talk

That was why I swam

It was water

Brought me alive floating out to No Man’s

Diving down to skim the sand

It was water

Wanted it, always had it, but could never catch it.

It was water

Insipid, tip-tipping from the cup

She was water

Because I needed her

You were water

You always were

Waving, waving

You always were, were water

And I was, was…what?

waterwavesinsipiddriptransparentintangiblewomenloveidentitymyselfgirlwomanmonologueyouIexistentialconfusedswimdreamabsurdeclipsesecond selfshadowshadow selfanalysisreflectself awareness

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Fri 3rd Mar 2023 05:03

i wish i could sound smart or give some helpful piece of feedback, but this poem is just good idk what else to say. I love "but never could catch it", "tip-tipping from the cup", "gargling girl", "diving down to skim the sand", and everything else about the general flow of this poem.

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