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quiet rain-kissed bed
dewy blooms of verse caress
tempest shatters peace

poet on the run
pulls a Bachman manoeuvre 
forgets all, save self

dawn's early light breaks
ever silently reveals
hope of reunion



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1AM, It's a New Year

Another year about to end. Maybe the Mayans that made up that calendar had it better. As the year closes one is pressed to look back and gauge how it went. It's just another year, perhaps. Many things have transpired, and many more in the offing.


1AM, It's a New Year

Just a few hours more
about half a day for the rest
for each timezone on the globe
we tear off the last sheet ...

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only your BFF would truly understand




paisley print
sunflower smile
sat alongside
a leopard that ate parsley
paw in hand
waiting on the sand
for flying fish
to skip upon
cobalt banners
as lazy breezes
pan flute recollections
of this Iberian summer






It's all about a leopard that munches on parsley. Apart from family, friendship is the the best relationship you ...

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