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Detachment: the state of being objective or aloof.

Just a simple word with a simple meaning but with much importance in the life of a normal human being. We may never notice, but it's a virtue if you know when to detach yourself from a feeling, person, or habit. It may sound a bit awkward to people when you tell them just to detach themselves from something that used to have great importanc...

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The Burden of Sight

I see it  in your eyes!
You have fallen into the trap of age
Your eyes are becoming deem
The sparkle I used to admire has faded
You've seen too much
That you have internalized it all
You let it play everytime you close your eyes
You've let the burden of vision
Fast-forward your days

Didn't we say we will stay the same?
You promised that we wouldn't get old
We would always turn misfort...

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Oh Sweet Bird Of Youth

Don't fall from your perch
Oh sweet bird of youth
For life doesn't always 
Tell you the truth 


There's many who lie
Deep in their lies 
And hover around
Like unwanted flies


But, pay no heed
Oh sweet bird of youth
Ignore those who taunt
Or call you uncouth 


For you are the blossom 
The sweet morning dew
Unique to yourself 
The most beautiful you!


You're t...

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