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Drunken Thoughts

Sometimes the minutes turn to hours,

As i think of that rainy day on the first of november,

I stood in your drive with a bouquet of flowers,

And I helped you save worms, do you remember?


Water fell that night in a slow silent mist,

And i felt its chill until we finally kissed,

Deep and slow without reservations,

We gave it all away, no hesitations


Still today I c...

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I remember spending last new year's eve with you,

We did some things we knew we probably shouldn't fucking do,

Bu what better person was there to make love to?

I thought “if i've ever loved someone this much, than who?”


And now looking back at the start of that fateful year,

I had bad thoughts that no one was close enough to me to hear,

Thoughts that equivocated to goodbye m...

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You know there is a lock within you,

One you can not simply breakthrough,

A lock, that you must find the key to,


Scour your soul, your conscious, your heart,

Find it, even if you must tear yourself apart


Unlocked you will know who you are,

Find me. Even if I’m far,


Share with me what you’ve become,

And to your spell, I hope again to succumb


I held my ...

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Do you still cry for me,

Like I still weep for you,

Those tears blocking everything you see,

Trying to hide the pain when you meet somebody new,


Is your vision as blurred as mine,

Behind your beautiful eyes,

I’ve been trying to move on now, for such a long time,

But I keep questioning if I gave this love enough tries,


I was hurt,

And I was used,

And now I’m...

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Cool Air


Cool air replaces where your hands should be,

Fingers locked on bare skin all over me,

The breeze keeps blowing colder and colder,

As the love between us grows older and older,


Your tongue parted my lips that way,

Your hands grasped desperately to make me stay,

Yet I still drifted endlessly away,

And I kissed someone new today

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