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she's so pretty

I watch you with her,

I’m stupid for caring,

I watch you with her,

Gosh she’s so pretty,

It’s not fair,

Her hair,

Her eyes, her smile,

She drowned you,

She pulled you in,

I’m scared you’re stuck in her trap,

But gosh she’s so pretty,

On the outside and within,

I see why you fell for her,

It would be so easy,

I wish you would fall for me,

I understand th...

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comparisonprettynever meHeartbreakgirlgirlhood

scattered constellations

the walls are crashing,
my head is banging,
I hear them in the back laughing,
my pants too big,
my stomach too chunky,
why should I care?
I don't compare to the accepted chicks,
the ones with perfect hips,
straight teeth, clear skin,
I have jagged fingertips,
my cheeks are bare,
my lashes staggered,
all my feelings are shattered,
why would he choose me? 
he would never choose me,

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Deceit tells us: what they have is better than ours

Deceit tells us: what they have is better than ours

So now we wrestle with discontent

Forever seeking,


Desiring something that was never our own


Blessings become blurred

When seen through the lens of another

Our sight diminishes

With each gaze and long lusting look

That will never be



Scrolling through standards not set in stone


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You compare yourself with me,

You tell the world I am wrong.


When you were the one who cheated since day 1,

And I was the who stayed loyal even when I had reasons not to be one.


I loved you unintentionally ,

You betrayed me all intentionally.


 I  healed you, 

You broke me.


I heard you out,

You neglected me.


I stood by your side, 

You left m...

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Touch The Universe

direct your gaze skyward.

I see your eyes slip through

lens and the light shoot down,

orbit in your twitching

left to right,

left to right

panning light in soft night,

oxymoron of telescope

gathers perception -your feet-

fall here and your stare there

pinned to the pit of ground,

grate your phrase from fireplace.

and divide.

put syllables in pen,

cross out...

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