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marlboro menthol (07/26/2023)

it's 12 degrees
and the marrow cools:

we catch  --
breaths hitched
 to a cataclysmic gait
a crooked pace:
while you wait

god's sticky magazines 
pages pregnant 
with guilt
the ilk of resplendent idleness
of abandonment
in this blind-eye of a city, turned 
to rot, mitotic
a car crash of ashamed sex
but it's just too good 
to be any other way .


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Holy Hell In An Airport Hotel

These paths we walk
grounded by responsibility
well-worn routine
practiced intimacy
I could only smile
when you whispered in my ear
‘Take me away from this
take me anywhere but here’

Living in the moment
it’s all we know to do
as you pepper my shoulder with kisses
my fingers explore every inch of you
You said ‘the world is a minibar
cold and empty
but now we’re blessed by this heat

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