In Bloom.

The past reverberates through me in the present

stains my clothes pungent.

At fifteen, a boy stole the solace of the dark from me

in his bed

with his hands.

Now when he touches me,

he must keep the lights on.


In sleep the past has me,

travels upwards, claws at my throat

and I cry out

for the dark to let me in.


At twenty, the boy who stole the solace of my...

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Cyanide of the Soul

My body, My choice?

Is sex not a two way street?

Does it not have lasting effects on your relationship?

Is your heart so calloused over, you no longer care?

For if two alcoholics split the bill on a handle of Vodka,

Are they still alcoholics?


So too, those who come together

in the interest of momentary gratification taken from each other.

Who use the human figure,


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Men Confusion

My world has come to an end.

Co-dependent like a child to a Dad

Losing my sexuality through men-o-pause

Obliterate me with your gaze

but don’t try to command my soul

the one I thought was the one

is the only love who’s been the truth

but I have fucked him over with my ego.


I let myself go but you were just the same

The dark haired, mum fuck that you have

Not reco...

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