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wisdom teeth//on purpose

The nurse in green hands me a syringe.

It’s in one of those small plastic bags, you know the ones. They held goldfish crackers when 

you were eight years old. 

She hands me this syringe and says to rinse after eating

that then I should be good and food won’t get lodged in my holes and I won’t get infections or dry socket. 

Watch out with certain foods, she says,

you know, things ...

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the bias and the man and her reckoning

Smile With Your Teeth

He said let's take a picture
Let all of these boys know that you're mine

I said that's alright mister
But I’m not only into guys

He just laughed and pet my head
And I felt this feeling in my stomach
A fire started to burn
But then he smiled

I knew then that I could be alright
With a man by my side.
When he smiled.
I’m alright.

He said you are ugly
I cu...

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The Curve of Her Neck

I like the curve of her neck

And her lightly tanned shoulders

I’m not interested in the drinks I’ve bought

Well, not as much as the way she has crossed her legs.

I like the way her mouth moves

Though I’m not interested in the words

Another part of me answers

And nods my head in agreement of something

Although inside

Inside my head

I rather like the curve of her neck.


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The haunting of a broken tap: drip, drop

The thirst after the sun: drink, gulp

She never said a lot, gargling girl

Sliding in and out of my body

Helping me breathe, walk, talk

That was why I swam

It was water

Brought me alive floating out to No Man’s

Diving down to skim the sand

It was water

Wanted it, always had it, but could never catch it.

It was water


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