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: The cup that broke :

The cup that broke housed a thought.

                     A nascent bud, not blooming yet!

But the hand of chance with the pot,

                  Filled the cup with a different fate!


Smiling lips drank up the infusion.

                  Tho' the process of a nascent mind,

Failed to make the thought sustain!

                      A shattered cup was left behind!

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Abstractpoetryrandom thinkingmusingsbroken

Black hole

Moon eyed she goes 

She is one of the stars

Lonesome she is 

In the presence of Mars


Soon her reflection renews

She is a planetary part apart 

Memories become brand-new 

She is solo in this system 


And as the lights dim 

He becomes hers 

She sucks us in 

Until everything’s hers 

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Black holeplanetstarsmarsidentityreclaimmemorymemoriesreflectiongirlcharacterpersonalityabstractmetaphorinner workreflectiveIntrospectionintrospectiveinwardsanalyticalmaskspersonasself discoveryself workpossession


A still, clear pool like unmarred ice 
A two dimensional window into fathomless depths 
Time not yet begun it’s relentless wheel, stasis offered to your awestruck eyes 
Dare you toss a stone to shatter the time before? 
The innocent beginning of all, cast into the yawning void, the birth of a universe held in ambivalent grasp
Dare you not toss a stone to shatter this eternal before? 

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Congress of Mind

Congress of mind
Legislative limb of this body of reason
Billions of cells cry out to be heard
Elected by instinct, opinions thus interred
Reach past the dirt that covers
Break out of silence's somnolent sequester
come back
come home
Eyes no longer lost in wandering lament
nor sight sight veiled by cataracts of mal intent
Turn back your gaze to whats outside
The sun's caress sure to abi...

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Lake Placid

Drown in the present
drink deep time's antidote to fill the minutes before and ages to come
Though lungs crave logic for ego's breath, the universe through just two eyes 
Drink in the present til spasms stop 
and brain stem stutters take root in the calm of time's demise
What plans to craft of future or past 
when time has breathed its last?
No aim, no blame, nor ripple furl 
of infinite o...

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A seed nurtured, spreading roots in this tainted ground
the only hope for my salvation
In 200 years, I tell myself,
this ancient oak could look back on rough beginnings
and trace each struggle and stubborn victory
in growth ring spirals and gnarled bark
roots reached down, as if to foil fate
and anchored tight against the wind that merely tousles
mighty leaves
or so I tell myself
a sprou...

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she's painting me

my portrait grows

she's had some trouble with my nose


a full-length nude

laid on a ramp

not easy when you're prone to cramp


she has carte blanche

her brush is free

she can do what she likes with me


today I lapsed

I got erect

she wandered closer to inspect


brushed my tackle

with sable hairs

soon we're nipping up the sta...

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paintingportraitnudebrushabstracttableauprocessed pea

Fleeting Images

The other day I caught myself staring at your image
Embedded in the cliff-side pool.
Surrounded by flowers and foliage,
Miles away from you.

Your skin porcelain,
Flaws hidden,
Eyes clement,
You didn't even seem human.

And maybe you weren't.
You were perhaps just an abstract concept,
An evanescent concoction of pigments,
Who swam away, leaving behind no remnants.

When I thought ab...

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pink strawberry milk

he says he can feel his heart getting covered with pink strawberry milk


he’s never had strawberry milk before

but he knows i like sucking on the fruit like a child does,

a popsicle


he says he’s falling

and cannot tell if this falling feels like that from a cliff into the oceans

or down a hole in the ground spiraling into nowhere and



he hurts when t...

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On paths

On paths we cross,
threads connecting
in place 


Our alignments tangle
in a web
of time 


Flashes trapped
as water drops 
on glass


When day closes,
our vapour trails
I trace


Those moments in place,
roll like ripples 
on a lake


Those places in time,
held like snow globes 
in my mind

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abstractplacetimetime traveltravel

Not the killing type (Part I)

I try not to question my humanity

and let me be damned,

but I’m not the killing type.

Only sometimes

I want to put out someone’s eyes

press them in or pluck them out

like the clear plastic baubles from a lifeless doll.


Like a force majeure,

rip the bricks from walls

watching architecture crumble and tumble

the relics of a past age fall,

flutter like shredded b...

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Abstract anxiety eats at razor thinned shins,

Anguish engulfs lost and last,

Previous pretenses portray pessimistic pain,

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Free Write - Little Souls

Wishing humble resolution, reversed on both ends of a lucid looking glass. Hoping hopelessness, Remembering remnants, miniscule moments. What could have been different my innocents, pieces, parts, carbon copies of the softened edges of my sanctified soul. Forever asking for your eternal forgiveness. Unable to forget the forgetable fear, between your eyes.... And mine. The moment, minute, of ...

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painkidssorrowfree writeabstractloveagonytruechildrenforgiveness

where there are fish you will often find bicycles (in six days god did what?)

An exquisite (ish) corpse experiment conducted over the period of a week, earlier this year, writing unedited what popped into my head admittedly with prior knowledge of the line preceding  but never letting that force me down a certain narrative route

where there are fish you will often find bicycles

(in six days god did what?)


sunDAY 1

save the shamen monkey for a cleaner time


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abstractexperimentexquisite corpse

Curioser and Curioser

as the dew dropped tulip two-steps over my tongue

so a pubic slaughter of moonbeams and drag queens

leaves so little space in-between the longing

hung, low slung, below the eaves of this curious abode


where pregnant questions await the gaunt relief

of a crucified thief who has chosen his flavour

so sure the house has fallen on the queen of the east

love thy nei...

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