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One time I went to Italy with my school on a skiing trip

We travelled to Dover on a coach then boarded a big white ship

Across the channel we sailed and even stopped off at France

We arrived at grande Aosta. .. to conquer Italian alps 

I had pink and purple ski attire all ready for the snow

But my favourite things I took were shoes I couldn't wait to show

The best trainers of my ...

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Holographicitalyskiingtrainersshoes90s era

Barefoot Girl

We obey society's conventions

For fear there's much to lose

One of the unwritten rules

Is to at least try to wear shoes


You went barefoot like a peasant

A throwback to the days of old

I wondered about your welfare

I feared you might catch cold


You risked those feet on grass and stone

Burned one after dropping the kettle

The other was left hopping mad


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Looking Down At Your Shoes

Looking down at your shoes

Looking down at your shoes

I smell a rat when I see you

Looking down at your shoes


First there was wayward Madeleine

You fell for those big sheep's eyes

Followed by her twin sister Hattie

Notorious for her cakes and pies


After Jennifer and Lana and Teri

Your eyes were glued to your loafers

You seem to spend all your time


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shoesbroguesloaferslooking down

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes - Poem by Marie 

Do you Remember the 70's Fantastic Platform shoes 
I had Legs up to my bottom they kept the lads amused 
My where a minty green shade,8inch off the ground 
All my school mates said mine where the best around 

I loved the thrill of balancing as I walked My Walked 
The size of my plat forms neighbors talked and talked 
Mam said its embarrassing buy a pair o...

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Platform shoesshoes

Favourite Shoes

My dad's favourite shoes

He saved them for best

He wore them just once

As we laid him to rest





Dedicated to the loving memory of Jack Evans; love you dad x

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...and a new pair of shoes

 How do I love my shoes?

Let me count the ways.

I love their comfort and style and price.
When my foot can slip in


when kicking out of sight

foolish Insults and remarks.
I love them for their shine

and waterproofing,
Quiet in the walking,

By sun and torch-light.
I love the comfort as men

strive for Comfort.
I love their fashionability,

as they bask In praise...

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I met a woman at the Blue Nile.

Our first encounter was her attempting to kiss my face. She seems to be in her mid-late fifties/early sixties. She began to tell me that she is okay, over and over again. She began to cry. She told  me her sun died. He OD'ed at 39 years old. She watched him die, with his head between the toilet and the sink. Her other sun blamed his brother's death on her. Sh...

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storm chaser


The clouds of your storm are filled with lollipops and pounding thoughts.
Raining on sad clowns, you turn frowns upside down.
Your lightning creates a sound soothing to the crown.
Your image, as an imprint in the sky, never disappears from our mind.
The weather makes us feel better…incredible sensations!
Yeah, we see you over there laughing at your own creations.

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